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Translate to Korean

Adds a Korean Translate option to the Toolbar menu and Context(Right Click) Menu of Firefox.

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Georgian-English and English-Georgian online dictionary.

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TranslateMenu is the easiest translator for Firefox. You can simply select any text on a webpage and right-click overt it. The results will appear in the right menu. That simple!

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Translater Algo Nevyžaduje restart

want to translate a web page with 2 clicks? then this is the addon for you!
(this was written by a 8 year old but it's very good!)

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TranslateWebpageAtGoogle Nevyžaduje restart

Translate webpages into your own language at Google

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Translation Nevyžaduje restart

Translate your selection phraseon any web page in three language English, French and Arabic

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Translation Panel

Add Web Translation Features.

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translator is web translation extension that allows you to translate any web page or text into nearly any language at the click of a button.

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translator (fixed)

The Development of this add-on is abandoned.

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Translator Gucker

Your selected text will be translated by google translator into any of the top 20 languages by simply rightclicking the context menu

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Translator Gucker de__dict.cc

Translates your selected wort or phrase form de(german) to xx(your selected language).
I have selected 15 form a little more languages. Runs on dict.cc.

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Translator Gucker EN__dict.cc

Translate your word/short phrase from english to any of 15 languages and reverse on dict.cc

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Translator to english

Translator to english will translate any language into english with a click of a button without tabbing out of your web-page

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translator-to-zh Nevyžaduje restart

a translator add-on, en-US translator to zh_CN

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Translatyk Nevyžaduje restart

Translatyk, translate a select text in a webpage using google translate services, only with one click, without making (ctrl c) + (ctrl v) and open de translator website, only select the text, click with the right button and a translate it

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Transliterate Nevyžaduje restart

Input method editor library supporting more than 135 input methods across more than 62 languages.
Just move your focus to a input field, and select the language and keyboard. and start typing in your favorite language

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Transliterate Belarusian Cyrillic

Přidává transliteraci běloruské cyrilice do latinky.

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Transliterate Cyrillic Tajik/Persian Nevyžaduje restart

Transliterate Cyrillic Tajik/Persian texts to Latin script

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Transliterate Kurdish Nevyžaduje restart

Transliterate Kurdish webpages from Arabic script to Latin script

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Transliterate Russian Cyrillic

Přidává transliteraci ruské cyrilice do latinky.

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