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Mukparasi Korean-English Dictionary File

A Korean-English dictionary file for Mukparasi.

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Oriya fonts package Nevyžaduje restart

-Oriya script fallback fonts for Firefox (Android edition)
Addon installs Oriya font (Lohit-Oriya.ttf under SIL OFL 1.1 license) that enables proper rendering of
Oriya script on all sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.),

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Email Language Correction v1.1

Email Language Correction

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Perkthyes Nevyžaduje restart

Perkthyes i thjeshte ne gjuhen shqipe

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간단한 영->한 사전/번역 : jjDicTrans Nevyžaduje restart

Daum/Naver/Google등의 다양한 Backend를 활용한 간단한 영한사전 + 영한번역 Addon 입니다.

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Wordsaver for Quizlet Nevyžaduje restart

Save locally your words using:
1.Select word / words / text
2.Use one of :
2.1.Hotkey: CTRL+SHIFT+S
2.2.Right mouse button - "Save your words"
3.You can see saved text at the top-right corner of the screen - by clicking "pig" icon.

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Lernu Vortaro Nevyžaduje restart

Ilo por uzi la vortaron je lernu.net

Tool for using the dictionary at lernu.net

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Wikipedia Languages Filter Nevyžaduje restart

Filters the list of languages on Wikipedia pages according to your preferences

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RikaiCake Custom JP-EN Dictionary

The next generation Rikaichan dictionary catered for translators and Japanese enthusiasts. A fan creation by a single wholehearted translator.

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SLA Dictionary Nevyžaduje restart

Select any text on browser, right click and select SLA Meaning: Option from popup menu to translate into sindhi.

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Learn English in My Language Nevyžaduje restart

For Indian Students to learn English as spoken by phonetic transliteration

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Překladač Eurotran Nevyžaduje restart

Překladač internetových stránek Eurotran. Kliknutím na tlačítko přeložíte libovolnou anglickou stránku do češtiny.

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Gmail RTL

Adds direction buttons to Gmail...

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Consult online dictionaries and encyclopedia with a couple of mouse clocks. To activate double click on a word on any web page while holding the "Ctrl" key. The page www.wordwiselookup.com will be opened where you can select the...

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Parolu enables Firefox to do speech synthesis of web pages written in Esperanto, useful for the blind (mainmenu.parolu) and for language learners (contextmenu.parolu). You'll need to install MBROLA on your machine first.

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Kyrgyz Key

Allows to type Kyrgyz alphabets like Ө,Ң and Ү in any text fields of Firefox Browser, Web Pages and Thunderbird. Converts Latin words into Cyrillic words instantly. Makes EnglishRussian translations.

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ChatZilla pl-PL

Polski pakiet językowy do ChatZilli.

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Urdu Bar: Write Urdu on WebPages

Urdu Toolbar for writing Urdu & Arabic and other similar right to left scripts on web sites like Facebook , Gmail , Yahoo Email , Hotmail (now OutLook) , Google , Twitter , WordPress, Blogs , Joomla , Magento , eCommerce , Emails etc. Type Urdu.

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المساعد العربي

تقوم هذه الإضافة بتصحيح خطأ الكتابة بين لوحات المفاتيح العربية والإنجليزية والفرنسية.

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Converts text to audible speech on Mac OS X.

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