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LanguageTool Grammar Checker Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+ Doporučené

With this extension you can check text with the free style and grammar checker LanguageTool. It finds many errors that a simple spell checker cannot detect, like mixing up there/their, a/an, or repeating a word.

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Page Translator Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+

One-click in-line page translation for Firefox. Translates any page using Google Translate or Microsoft Translator. It's minimalist. The translate icon will only appear if the page is in a foreign language.

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Suomen kielen oikolukusanasto Vyžaduje restart

Suomen kielen oikolukusanasto

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ydwd Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+


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新同文堂 Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+


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Abadis Persian Dictionary Vyžaduje restart

Abadis Online Dictionary And Translator
Abadis Dictionary send text to 2 sites for translate.
sites: dictionary.abadis.ir, translate.google.com
Aside from the previous, Abadis does not collect or sends any other data to anybody.

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Yamli Smart Arabic Keyboard Vyžaduje restart

Write Arabic anywhere on the web using Yamli's Smart Arabic Keyboard. Also use Yamli's powerful Arabic search directly from the browser.

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Magicword by Vajehyab.com

Magicword is an anywhere access Persian dictionary provided by vajehyab.com.
Just double click on any word anywhere in the browser and you will get its definition in seconds.
It supports both English to Persian(Farsi) and Persian to Persian.

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FoxVox Vyžaduje restart

FoxVox will speak any text you highlight in a web page. FoxVox can also create audiobooks in mp3, ogg, and wav formats. You can now easily turn your blogs and articles into podcasts.

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Input Language Assistant Vyžaduje restart

Automatically switches input language to English when you type in address bar.

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LookWAYup Sidebar Vyžaduje restart

Look up a term in the dictionary in the sidebar by pressing Alt [. It reduces tenses and plurals to dictionary forms and corrects spelling. Translation to/from French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese.

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SimpleTranslate Vyžaduje restart

Simple additional translate entry to the context menu. Selected text will be translated from German to English or vice versa with leo.dict.org...
Also opens selected text-only links in a new tab.

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Adhiyan Vyžaduje restart

Adhiyan is a tool to convert and view TSCII/TUNE/TAB/TAM/DailyThanthi/Dinamani/Chenet/Kambar encoded Tamil content to UNICODE Tamil.

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Gb2Big Vyžaduje restart

Gb2Big is a handy translator between simplified and traditional Chinese.
Use CN Flag for Simplified Chinese
Use HK Flag for Traditional Chinese
Use UN Flag for Online Proxy Service

To activate this add-on:
1. Right click on the toolbar
2. Select "Cu...

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Auto Disable IME

Automatically disables IM (Input Method) on the location bar.

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Swanalekha Vyžaduje restart

Swanalekha transliteration tool for Malayalam. The advantage of Swanalekha over Google transliteration addons are that Swanalekha can be used offline too. Google transliteration needs to be online to transliterate.

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budaneki Vyžaduje restart

Select a text and instantly get information about it in inline window or translate it via google translate
Bu da ne ki dediginiz an size ne oldugunu gosteren eklenti

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Alpheios Latin Tools Vyžaduje restart

Extension for reading and learning Latin. Requires the Alpheios Basic Libraries extension, available at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/15085 .

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Unscript-ml Vyžaduje restart

Convert text between Malayalam and English using Malayalam Inscript Keyboard Mapping

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FilterBreaker Vyžaduje restart


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