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DieVerdammten Helferlein

Dieses Plugin aktualisiert externe Karten für das Spiel

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Přidáno September 6, 2011


A Classic Minesweeper game with beautiful graphics and scoreboard

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Přidáno September 5, 2011


Add links to convert and download Youtube to mp3.

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Přidáno September 5, 2011

Video Grabber Nevyžaduje restart

Play online videos with subtitles. When you go to any video streaming sites. This will allow you to play with subtitles. Watch movies TV series available on other sites with your customized subtitles. More on

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Přidáno September 4, 2011

Speed Scrabble Notifier

Keep track of who is online playing Speed Scrabble.

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Přidáno August 25, 2011

Freemote v6

Freemote telecommande pour Freebox 6.

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Přidáno August 23, 2011

Abbatia ES

Este addon facilita el uso de la web del juego online Abbatia.
Para activarlo debes hacer clic en el icono, en la parte inferior-derecha de tu navegador.

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Přidáno August 23, 2011

Tilt 3D

A WebGL-based 3D visualization of a webpage.

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Přidáno August 22, 2011

Thinking Sphere

Thinking Sphere is a 2D platformer puzzle game. To win, bring the blue sphere to the green cube using the keyboard arrows or the touch zones on each side of the game screen.

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Přidáno August 21, 2011

WildFox Audio Add-On

This add-on rewrites HTML 5 Audio tags to HTML 4 Embed tags, allowing one to use audio plugins (such as those from VLC and other mediaplayers) to play back the audio instead of relying on the browser's built-in capabilities.

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Přidáno August 20, 2011

r/chess pgn viewer.

Inline PGN viewer for r/chess. Replaces all instances of PGNs inside [pgn][/pgn] tags with an interactive chessboard showing variations, comments, etc.

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Přidáno August 19, 2011

Jigsaw Puzzle Maker

Right-click on any image and create a classic jigsaw puzzle game.
Send a puzzle postcard to family or friends or put it on your blog or website.

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Přidáno August 14, 2011

Random Southpark Episode Nevyžaduje restart

If You Love Southpark, Then You'll Love This Add-on. Every Time You Click On The Southpark Town Sign At The Bottom Right Of The Screen, A Randomly Picked Episode Will Open Up In A New Tab, So Not To Disturb Your Work On Another Tab.

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Přidáno August 13, 2011

Online Logical Puzzles Nevyžaduje restart

Enjoy the following puzzles
Domino Hunt,
Every Second Breakpoint,
Paint by Numbers,
Tic Tac Logic,

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Přidáno August 11, 2011

CLGaming_FireFox Nevyžaduje restart

View current streams using this widget.

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Přidáno August 10, 2011

FBCartonRouge 1.0 Nevyžaduje restart

Sanctionnez vos amis avec des cartons rouges et renvoyez les au vestiaires!

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Přidáno August 10, 2011

Random Nitrome Game

On The Click Of This Add-On, A New Window Will Be Open With A Random Flash Game. Each Game Is Created By The Talented Staff At Nitrome. This Apps Includes All 90 Games On Their Website.

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Přidáno August 5, 2011


Twittag という twitter 関係の web サービスから得られる情報を twitter のユーザーページ上に表示する拡張機能です。

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Přidáno August 4, 2011


Pour amasser les coins coins sur
Cette extension apporte des aides pour le jeu de simulation économique kapilands (signature automatique pour la messagerie du jeu, calcul automatique des quantité pour une durée de production donnée)

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Přidáno August 3, 2011

D2N Agent

This program updates unofficial maps related to the browser game die2nite

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Přidáno August 3, 2011