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Instablogs Submitter Vyžaduje restart

Instablogs Newsroom Submitter lets you submit anything on the web you think is newsworthy. Highlight the text on the page; click Instablogs icon on toolbar or right-click to access it from the pop-up menu and share your news with millions of people o...

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Better Reader

Better Reader improves Firefox's Reader View by giving you more control over font choice, margin size, and color scheme.

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Tranquility Reader Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+

Makes a Web Page readable.

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Amplify Vyžaduje restart

Use Amplify to clip, share & spark conversation about excerpts from articles, blog posts, tweets or anything else you read on the web. Amplify supports autoposting to Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress, Posterous, Tumblr & more.

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Extended Copy Menu (fix version) Vyžaduje restart

Provides the option to copy selection as plain text or html.

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Socialbrowse Vyžaduje restart

Socialbrowse lets you easily share and discuss the web and receive a real time broadcast of activity by people you like. Socialbrowse also shows you what's good on every page by embedding small icons next to links your friends have shared or commente...

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Add to Fashiolista Vyžaduje restart

Save & share your greatest fashion finds from all over the web with Fashiolista!

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YourVersion Toolbar Vyžaduje restart

YourVersion is a real-time discovery engine that helps you keep up on your interests. As you browse the web, bookmark or share discoveries with your friends. Also, access your YourVersion bookmarks and the YourVersion website in just one click.

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NHL's Vancouver Canucks - Official Theme

Created by where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme, the NHL Vancouver Canucks - Official Theme and Extension includes: links to the Canuck's site, news and a sidebar with video, blogs & more!

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Sanook Extension

The official extension provides the fastest and latest news update.

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Copy URL

Copy the URL of the current page to the clipboard at the click of a button.

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cang Vyžaduje restart


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Sage++ (Higmmer's Edition) Vyžaduje restart


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Headup (Discontinued) Vyžaduje restart

The Headup Firefox add-on was discontinued;
Headup is now a server side component for site owners, check us out on

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Copy ShortURL Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+

Copy ShortURL lets you instantly create a short URL for web pages that you visit, so you can easily share links with friends.

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Search Everywhere Vyžaduje restart

Whichever web page you visit, use this tool to search over linked content. Just click the "G"-with-chain-link icon in your status bar to open or close the toolbar (or ctrl-alt-s). Great for searching from tables-of-contents, bookmarks, or blogs!

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Shortcuts for Google™ Products Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+

Shortcuts of Google Products

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eQuakeAlert! Vyžaduje restart

Have you ever thought of getting alerts on land disasters like earthquakes, right on your desktop? eQuakeAlert! is the solution for that!

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Email This! Vyžaduje restart

Email This! will send your recipient the link, title, & highlighted text of the page you are viewing using GMail, Google Apps GMail, Yahoo, and Stand-Alone Mail Clients like Outlook Express, Thunderbird, & More!

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Kotaku Fix: Fox Edition Vyžaduje restart

Restore functional commenting to the world of Gawker's blogs.

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