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15-18 Vyžaduje restart

Retrouvez les derniers topics du forum 15-18 Ans de, ainsi que des raccourcis vers des sites tels que NoelShack, Hapshack, NoelShare... ! Ainsi que les smileys !

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Přidáno September 5, 2011

Facebook Tincan Status Update Vyžaduje restart

as a test this addon will let you post your status update via means of a tin can connected by strings

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Přidáno September 3, 2011

Fierita Links Vyžaduje restart

Addon para enviar enlaces al sitio de Fierita Links

Provee un botón en la barra de extensiones y un item en el menú contextual.

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Přidáno September 2, 2011

LightFish - Best of the web on your iPhone Vyžaduje restart

Select best pieces of the web, view on iPhone and share with your friends.

Lightfish for iPhone lets you view on your mobile phone

"Live" gives you refreshed pieces from all sites you used.

Video to get started:

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Přidáno August 31, 2011



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Přidáno August 30, 2011

An Instant Aggregator Vyžaduje restart

A noise reduction system for the world wide web.
(Use: "CTRL" (+) "/" to show add on bar if you're not already doing so)
Created By N Kertanuraga

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Přidáno August 27, 2011

ClearWebStats Site Report Vyžaduje restart

Display a ClearWebStats link button on the add-on bar. While on click it will open a new page which will then load a full site report for the website you were browsing.

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Přidáno August 21, 2011

Copy Pure Text Vyžaduje restart

Allows to copy selected text as plain text by adding a 'Copy as Text' menu item to context menu.

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Přidáno August 21, 2011

Footnotify Vyžaduje restart

Footnotify is a Browser Extension to display footnotes as a pop-over. All that without upsetting your point of reference.

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Přidáno August 20, 2011



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Přidáno August 18, 2011

Habracleaner Vyžaduje restart

Скрывает топики на Хабре по заданным правилам

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Přidáno August 13, 2011

Calendars Vyžaduje restart

Calendars keeps you organised by providing a convenient pop-up calendar that merges your Google Calendar and your Facebook events. It notifies you when events are coming up, and lets you create new events from anywhere.

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Přidáno August 10, 2011


Facebook expert feature

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Přidáno August 10, 2011 news Vyžaduje restart

Last news from

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Přidáno August 8, 2011

Science Stack - Academic select and search Vyžaduje restart

Select a word or phrase, right click to search for related academic works. This addon is essential for bibliographies and research before starting a paper. A great way to access a whole library of information.

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Přidáno August 7, 2011

Snap Links Plus Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+

Select a number of links with a rectangle and open them all in new tabs in the same or a new window(s), download them or copy them to the clipboard. You can also lasso checkboxes to quickly check or uncheck them.

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Přidáno August 2, 2011 news widget Vyžaduje restart

Read latest news without opening the new tab. it is more faster to read news.

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Přidáno August 2, 2011

HideFOCAd Vyžaduje restart

Скрывает объявления и рекламу в поиске новых сообщений форума

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Přidáno July 29, 2011

Newssitter - News Sidebar and Feed Reader | RSS Vyžaduje restart

Easy to use feed reader for the sidebar with news ticker and news recommendations. You can add your individual feeds, news providers from the library and social media news providers like Facebook.

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Přidáno July 25, 2011

TweetTheme / Twitter Interactive Theme

With this theme, capture the feel of Twitter, plus enjoy latest tweets in the news ticker, your full Twitter stream in sidebar and quick sharing of any web page you visit

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Přidáno July 20, 2011