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YouTube Downloader - TubeGrabber ►

Easiest way to download videos from YouTube

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TAB TRAFFIC MONITOR Vyžaduje restart

This extension provide traffic information for each Tab separately include : Speed of downloading for HTML contents and loading progress and also an overall downloading speed of all tabs.

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Makes the default filename used for saving pages be based on the filename, rather than the page title (undoing a change in the default behavior from Firefox 18).

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Ladda ned från SVT Play och andra tjänster. Kräver FFmpeg.

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Download on arrow panel Vyžaduje restart

EN: Showing the download manager on the panel type of arrow.
PL: Przycisk pokazujący managera pobierania na panelu typu arrow.

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4、与Evernote、google task等多个产品同步。
5、IOS、Android、WEB、PC、OS X,多设备同步必须的。

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myBase/Webcollect Vyžaduje restart

Capture webpages from Mozilla Firefox and save with myBase Desktop 7.x

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Télécharger YouTube MP3

Télécharger et convertir des vidéos Youtube au format MP3 depuis le site

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Lonua MakeFaster Vyžaduje restart

Makes Firefox faster.

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FoneraDownloader Vyžaduje restart

This add-on lets you control your Fonera 2.0 downloads from your firefox browser. It integrates nicely so you can send links to your fonera, supports remote access, megaupload/rapishare/torrents and more.

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Kryptonita Quebra Link Vyžaduje restart

O Kryptonita Quebra Link quebra seus links de forma rápida e fácil. Use-o para evitar qualquer tipo de cadastro na hora de fazer os seus downloads.

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FatPipe Downloader

provides firefox with a "Download With FatPipe" option

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Chicky's Booru-style Image Downloader Vyžaduje restart

Automated image downloading and naming tool for "Booru" sites.

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Checker Link-Dead link check-Download link check Vyžaduje restart is a website tools to help you find out the link want to download still A Live or Dead

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Baow Resource Manager Vyžaduje restart

Baow Resource Manager is a tool that makes it easy to organize your web resources, download and save web pages , annotate with text or drawings, or edit documents and generate web pages.

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YouTube mp3 Converter. Vyžaduje restart

Download YouTube videos as mp3

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SaveBomb downloader

SaveBomb: Fast and simple way to download your favorite videos from various sources like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

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Torrent Stalker

Allows you to keep track of your on-going anime series and download them easily.

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ocDownloader Firefox addon allows you to interact with ocDownloader (ownCloud) by adding a simple new entry in the mouse context menu

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AutoSave Plus for ScrapBook Plus / XSidebar Vyžaduje restart

AutoSave is an Add-On to the firefox extension ScrapBook Plus by haselnuss and ScrapBook with XSidebar for SeaMonkey. This is a modified version of the original Add-On. Uninstall the original AutoSave before you use this extension.

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