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Odebírat PDF Downloader Vyžaduje restart

Download PDF from Scribd for Mozilla Firefox (Right Clik-Download PDF SCRIBD)

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YouTube Video Download Links Vyžaduje restart

Add links on YouTube pages to download videos.

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Forumsigs Image Uploader Vyžaduje restart

Save images on a web pages directly to your Forumsigs Image Hosting account. Allows you to easily capture images and use them later for your own linking.

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Wtyczka do serwisu

- szybsze wklejanie linków do ściągnięcia bez konieczności ich kopiowania,
- możliwość wklejania linków bezpośrednio do wtyczki,
- sprawdzanie stanu ważności konta bez wchodzenia na

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Network Bandwidth Saver

A simple add-on for low bandwidth users that loads images only when they are in visible screen area.
Websites usually need a lot of bandwidth due to heavy usage of images. This add-on delays loading of images until they appear in the visible screen.

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YouTube to MP3 Vyžaduje restart

Video2MP3 allows you to convert any YouTube Video to a MP3 very quick an fast. This Addon will show you a Convert & Download Button under the Video which you should press to convert & download the Video you are watching at this moment.

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Send 2 Cellphone Vyžaduje restart

Send2Cellphone provides a simple way to send images from web pages directly to mobile phones via free Send2Cellphone service. Simply right click any image on any web page and select "Send2Cellphone" from the context menu. After...

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Push To JDownloader Vyžaduje restart

Push a link that is right clicked on to JD RemoteControl

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ImageStorming image upload Vyžaduje restart is a free images hosting. With this plugin you can easly upload the images on our site with a simple right click!

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YouTube Music MP3 Download Converter Vyžaduje restart

You can Download every YouTube Videos to an MP3 Audio-File with this Addon. It's very simple to use and you we'll enjoy it.

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YouTube to MP3 by Uccio Vyžaduje restart

Una volta installato questo Add-on per Firefox, apparirà sotto ogni video di YouTube un link (UccioTube: Converti e Scarica MP3) per scaricare la musica del video in formato MP3. Semplice, veloce ed efficace.

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Install Collection

Install add-ons from a collection page on in a few clicks

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96 uživatelů - Add files button Vyžaduje restart

Makes adding files to easier. Just highlight links on any webpage and click the button.

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Torrent Stalker

Allows you to keep track of your on-going anime series and download them easily.

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ocDownloader Firefox addon allows you to interact with ocDownloader (ownCloud) by adding a simple new entry in the mouse context menu

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Open With Adobe Illustrator

Open With Adobe Illustrator is a new companion for web designers, graphic designers and in general whom like to use Illustrator.

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Download Statusbar Fixed Vyžaduje restart

Fix for Download Statusbar. If you are looking for a working Download Statusbar add-on for Firefox 26, check Download Status Bar add-on.

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Best Youtube Mp3 Download

Best Youtube Mp3 Download can convert any YouTube video to MP3, WAV, OGG format online using any device

If you dont see Download Mp3 Button just press CTRL+F5

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Anti Linkbucks Vyžaduje restart

Plugin de redirection automatique des liens:
* Linkbucks

Stop à l'interstitiel

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Descarga rapido premium By Nek XD

Complemento que permite descargar archivos que esten alojados en los servidores de descarga mas populares como ,si disponiese de una cuenta premium.
Segunda version del add-ons despues de volver a rescribir el codigo, funciona full.

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