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ScrapBook Plus Vyžaduje restart

Helps you to save web pages and organize the collection.

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Secure P2P File Transfer (pyGet)

pyGet lets you share files with remote computers and smart-phones without the need of any plugins.

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SLT Usage Meter

This extension allows you to check your SLT broadband usage.

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Image Download for Instagram

Adds a right click direct download context menu item for image download from Instagram

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One-click Screenshot

Take screenshots of entire websites.

This extension is very simple. With just a few clicks, you can take a screenshot of an entire website and save it to a png file. There is no bloat or any fancy post-processing.

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ALLYouTubeDownloader Vyžaduje restart

ALLYouTubeDownloader extention (FLV/MP4/WebM; HD/HQ). Windows only. Works only with ALL YouTube Downloader 2.3 application or higher (versions 2.2 and lower doesn't work anymore).

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Download in tab Vyžaduje restart

Przycisk pokazujący managera pobierania w karcie przeglądarki.

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Download any YouTube video in MP3 format

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YouTube MP3 Download

Convert your favorite YouTube videos and download them as MP3 files.

Service by in Corporation with

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Mega Manager Integration Vyžaduje restart

Firefox Integration for Mega Manager modifier pour fonctionner avec la version 5 de firefox

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Dec Link Vyžaduje restart

Burle os protetores de link e seja redirecionado diretamente para o site de download.

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Free - Download video and mp3 from popular site like youtube, mtv, soundcloud or dailymotion. Simple and fast !

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Save to Google Drive

Important: Google has disabled this API in many regions. This add-on may not work for your region.
Save files/images you find online easily in Google Drive. You don't have to actually download the complete file,the link is sufficient.

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Super Video Downloader / Youtube Downloader Vyžaduje restart

Download any video from any website like Youtube, Vimeo and DailyMotion and save it on your computer.

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KickassTorrents Toolbar Vyžaduje restart

KickassTorrents Toolbar is the ultimate toolbar for KickassTorrents that retrieves the latest torrents of KickassTorrents and adds easy to use KickassTorrents search capabilites into your browser.

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Google Shopping List Vyžaduje restart

Search save and compare shopping results from Google, eBay and Amazon GUARANTEEING the very best deals available.

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FireSaver Vyžaduje restart

Download a web page and all other web pages, images or selective categories which are linked to that page.
Download a sequence of web pages at once.
Download all open tabs at once.

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Sort My Downloads

Sortiert Downloads nach benutzerspezifischen Kriterien (Javascript Reguläre Ausdrücke, Dateierweiterungen) und speichert sie in vorgegebene Ordner.

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Help you to download mp3 music and mp4 video from youtube video with single click using 3rd party site (

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Dediseedbox Torrent Uploader

This extension will recognise a .torrent file download and upload the .torrent file to a remote server running the rutorrent webui

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