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Free OmniGraffle (.graffle) Viewer

Open your OmniGraffle files for free

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Drag de Go Vyžaduje restart

This extension allows you to execute several commands (lik open link,save link,search selected text) by the direction you drag and drop...

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39 uživatelů Online YouTube to MP3 Converter Vyžaduje restart

With this addon you can convert your YouTube, Dailymotion and Clipfish Videos online to MP3, MP4, M4A, AAC, OGG, WMA and 3GP.
It it free, easy and very fast.

update 14.04.2017:
The add-on is now compatible with the new YouTube design.

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ZotFile Vyžaduje restart

Zotero plugin to manage your attachments: automatically rename, move, and attach files to Zotero items, sync PDFs from your Zotero library to your (mobile) PDF reader (e.g. an iPad, Android tablet, etc.) and extract annotations from PDF files.

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Location Navigator Vyžaduje restart

Location Navigator is an extension that lets you grab a location, select a portion of the location that varies, and then navigate up or down from that starting...

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SettingSanity Vyžaduje restart

Re-adds the options to disable Images, JavaScript, and the Tab Bar in about:preferences and the Options window.

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Shelve Vyžaduje restart

Use filename templates to quickly (or automatically) save web pages/images/links/selected text to pre-defined folders.

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Save Image in Folder Vyžaduje restart

Easily save images in personally customized...

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Open in Browser Vyžaduje restart

Offers the possibility to display documents in browser window.

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Free Visio Viewer (Mac, Windows, Linux)

Open your Microsoft Visio files for free

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This add-on is intended to ease the life of the regular MEGA user.

Please note this extension is NOT the official from Mega, for the real one please go to:

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YouTube a MP3

Inserta un botón en la pagina de Youtube , que permite con un solo clip descargar el Mp3 de un modo directo y con el maximo bitrate.
Nada de redirecionamientos, ni publicidad.

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Yandex Music Fisher

Скачивание музыки с сервисов Яндекс.Музыка и Яндекс.Радио

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Torrent Tornado Vyžaduje restart Doporučené

Torrent Tornado je unikátní klient pro BitTorrent určený pro Firefox a SeaMonkey. Poskytuje uživatelům možnost stahovat torrenty přímo skrze jejich prohlížeč bez nutnosti používat jakýkoliv další software.

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Image Download for Instagram

Adds a right click direct download context menu item for image download from Instagram

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Xirvik .torrent to seedbox uploader Vyžaduje restart

This extension adds options to .torrent files to upload them automatically to a number of popular BitTorrent clients.

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OutWit Hub Vyžaduje restart

Legacy version (get latest on OutWit Hub contains dozens of recognition and extraction features to ease your Web searches and organize your collections. Automatically browse through pages, collect and format the information you seek...

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FireSnarl Vyžaduje restart

Using the the general notification system "Snarl" ( extra download needed) you can be notified of started, paused, cancelled and finished downloads in a very nice way.

It also "captures" all default toaster notifications (li...

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Cryptload Link Copier Vyžaduje restart

Kopiert URLs für Cryptload in die Zwischenablage und zeigt gegebenenfalls den Online-Status und die Dateigröße an.

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Pick & Save Images

Here's a handy and powerful image saving tool for you to pick and save your favorite images in page! With thumbnail mapping, preference profiles, image filtering, and lots of flexible preferences & features!

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