Papaly Nevyžaduje restart

Papaly is a simple social bookmarking tool to manage all your links. Create custom boards and categories.

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Akualizováno July 3, 2015

firstescapegame Nevyžaduje restart

first escape games its game website addon

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Akualizováno July 3, 2015

Rebrandly Nevyžaduje restart

Rebrandly is the fastest way to create and share links with your own brand.

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Akualizováno July 1, 2015

Bitsy URL Shortener Nevyžaduje restart

With Bitsy URL shortener, you can shorten URLs to make a link that is easier to share, tweet or email.

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Akualizováno July 1, 2015

Watch Later Nevyžaduje restart

An addon that reminds you to visit webpages!

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Akualizováno June 29, 2015

QuickMark Nevyžaduje restart Doporučené

A quick and minimalistic way to create bookmarks.

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Akualizováno June 27, 2015

LivaRava Nevyžaduje restart

LivaRava is an associative web or associative social search engine, which uses keywords, images, sounds, videos and links to build associations. The advantage of LivaRava is that it speeds up search of the relevant information.

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Akualizováno June 26, 2015

Tab Lister Nevyžaduje restart

Yet another (very simple) tab lister. A possible update to Binny's "Url Lister".

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Akualizováno June 24, 2015

Org-mode Capture Nevyžaduje restart

Take notes and register bookmarks in Org-mode with Org-protocol

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Akualizováno June 23, 2015

jump-to-anchor Nevyžaduje restart

Jump to the nearest anchor above a selection

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Akualizováno June 20, 2015

Atavi – správce záložek

Vizuální záložky, synchronizace záložek mezi různými prohlížeči a naprostá bezpečnost vašich záložek

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Akualizováno June 18, 2015

shorten the URL

To shorten the URL for the selected and anchor text.

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Akualizováno June 18, 2015

Tab History Menu fix

When click on the selected tab, a history menu corresponding to it will display.

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Akualizováno June 16, 2015

Bookmark Toolbar Menu Button Nevyžaduje restart

Show the contents of the Bookmarks Toolbar in a drop down menu. This compresses the bookmark menu into one button that you can put on any toolbar you want to.

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Akualizováno June 11, 2015

Archiveror Nevyžaduje restart

Archiveror will make automatic archives (snapshots) of pages you bookmark to preserve them exactly as they are right now, even if the original disappears from the web. It will also help you archive any page you want, all using https://archive.is.

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Akualizováno June 10, 2015

Bookmarks Toolbar Keyboard Navigation Nevyžaduje restart

Add keyboard navigation between bookmarks in the bookmarks toolbar and an accesskey to activate it.
You can activate the toolbar with ctrl-alt-b, but that can be changed in the addon options.

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Akualizováno June 9, 2015

pageQlip Nevyžaduje restart

pageQlip helps you use what you read. pageQlip saves and optimizes your content for the mobile experience in a clean, easy to read format. Your content is available to you online or offline on your iPhone or iPad, or via your account on our website.

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Akualizováno June 9, 2015


A brilliant way to store, share and easily organize all your links, videos, and notes. Access your Clutterboard from any device, anywhere, anytime.

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Akualizováno June 7, 2015

Startlap: menü

A startlap menü a magyar internet oldalak tematikus gyűjteménye menüstruktúrában!

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Akualizováno June 6, 2015

Webbla Firedox Add-on Nevyžaduje restart

Webbla Add-on to add and modify bookmarks

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Akualizováno June 3, 2015