Price tracker and online shopping list accross 1.000+ partner shops including Amazon, ebay, Ikea, Currys and Superdry

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OneNote Web Clipper

Do OneNotu si můžete uložit cokoli z webu. Po uložení výstřižku do OneNotu můžete vložený obsah uspořádat a upravit a pak k němu přistupovat z libovolného zařízení.

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ClassLink OneClick Extension

ClassLink provides secure and simple single sign-on access to all your apps, files and classes from anywhere.

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SEO Status PageRank/Alexa Toolbar Vyžaduje restart

See Google Pagerank (PR) and Alexa rank for each website you visit. Simple and customizable. You can see and use everything the toolbar offers, or strip it down to the bare essentials and place it in the status bar. Simple, quick, and very useful.

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Ant.com Antmarks Extension Vyžaduje restart

Manage your favorite web pages

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Minimalistic notes. For every site.

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一键观看VIP视频,去视频广告 Vyžaduje restart


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Fun Games

Enjoy the followings games
Brain Training,
Word Puzzles,
Picture Puzzles,
Angry Birds

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Raindrop.io — Keep your favorites handy

Your beautiful start page with favorite sites and bookmarks.
- Feature-rich, attractive, easy-to-use bookmarks
- Perfect for articles, gallery, sites
- Share & collaborate

Our goals:
- Speed
- Material Design
- Sync

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Highlighter with different colors, saving options, customizable highlight styles and undo/redo functionality.
Select some text, press M - done.
Changes can be stored in Textmarker history for later visits.

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A basic office online addon

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Визуальные закладки от Яндекс

Визуальные закладки – это страница, на которой собраны ваши любимые сайты.

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History Submenus II Doporučené

Add sub-menus to History Menu for previous days' history.

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Add to Fashiolista Vyžaduje restart

Save & share your greatest fashion finds from all over the web with Fashiolista!

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TagSpaces Web Clipper

This addon will help you to save whole web pages or parts of them as files, for later reading or organizing (with e.g. TagSpaces Desktop Application). It will enable you also to take a screenshot form the visible part of a web page in PNG format.

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Padlet Mini

Bookmark the best of the web by adding items to a collaborative digital canvas.

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Windows Favorites

Use Windows and Internet Explorer Favorites on Firefox without syncing or importing on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

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404-Error ? Vyžaduje restart

Ever been annoyed by the '404 Error' or a more understandable one 'File Not Found'? Ever bookmarked your favorite page but few months later when you finally had time to read it in detail, you couldn't find it?

If a page was (re)moved and now shows ...

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IE Tab V2 (Enhanced IE Tab) Vyžaduje restart

Note: If you are encountering the Connecting... problem see instructions below.

The updated, fully supported IE Tab. Embed IE in a Firefox tab. IE Tab Features: FF 4+ support, IE 7-9 compatibility modes, old IE Tab settings import.

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ScrapBook CHM Creator Vyžaduje restart

An add-on for the Scrapbook/Scrapbook+ extensions to create Windows HTML Help.

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