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Блог Владимира Турова

Расширение позволяет вам отслеживать обновления на сайте нашего блога прямо в браузере http://blog.legalbis.ru

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Akualizováno May 9, 2014

QPush - Push Text and Links to iPhone

QPush is the easiest way to push text and links from PC to iPhone! Copy, send SMS, open links and maps right away! No need to send emails to yourself or wait for Evernote to sync anymore.

iPhone App (Free): https://itunes.apple.com/app/id776837597

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Akualizováno May 1, 2014

Airtel broadband data tracker

This is an add-on which enables, one click check of remaining high speed data quota for Airtel broadband user.

1. This add-on works on those systems which is on airtel broadband connection.
2. Tested to be working in Karnataka, India.

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Akualizováno May 1, 2014


It converts the text entered to upside and reverse which can be copied and pasted anywhere (say chat box)...Only lower case alphabets are flipped and if upper case alphabets are entered they are converted to lower case and flipped.

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Akualizováno April 22, 2014

CloseSign Vyžaduje restart

Indicates in the location bar whether you can go back or not.

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Akualizováno April 17, 2014

Gutscheine / Gutschein Vyžaduje restart

Gutscheine und Rabattaktionen nie wieder verpassen. Dieses Add-on zeigt dir immer die aktuellsten Gutscheine und Aktionen deiner Lieblings-Shops automatisch an.
Aktuell sind über 2.000 Shops verfügbar. Jetzt beim Einkaufen sparen!

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Akualizováno April 16, 2014

Price Alarm - Amazon Price Tracker

Price Alarm tracks the prices of amazon products and shows them on the amazon site.

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Akualizováno April 10, 2014

Feed Sidebar Vyžaduje restart

The Feed Sidebar is an extension for Firefox that displays the items from your Live Bookmarks in the sidebar.

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Akualizováno April 7, 2014

IronMan Lite Vyžaduje restart

Я сообщу о новых личных сообщениях, даже тогда, когда ты не на сайте.

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Akualizováno April 4, 2014

Zaqwes Edit Page

make page editable

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Akualizováno April 4, 2014

Coupns Australia

Get instant access to hundreds of coupons whilst you shop! Simply browse your favourite Australian online shopping sites as normal. The Coupns extension will let you know when we find any active coupons for the store you're visiting.

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Akualizováno April 4, 2014


Field Service Management - completely free! Ties into existing Google account and Gmail. Use Geolocation to track and guide employees, get status updates and accept payments. Explanation video at http://vimeo.com/67576512 .

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Akualizováno March 31, 2014

Диета ВитаПортала Vyžaduje restart

Тулбар Диеты ВитаПортала - это мини-экран вашего плана сбалансированного похудения.

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Akualizováno March 26, 2014

Show Profile Vyžaduje restart

Display profile hint on window title or customized locations (with or without individual icon).

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Akualizováno March 24, 2014

Monifox Vyžaduje restart

Monifox is an add-on to Monitis, the web and cloud performance monitoring and management tool. It will help you keep track of the most recent statistics regarding your server(s), website(s) and network.

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Akualizováno March 24, 2014

OnetToolbar Vyžaduje restart

OnetToolbar Addon - Grupa Onet.pl SA

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Akualizováno March 14, 2014


Displays web vulnerability information from PunkSPIDER about the site you're currently visiting. PunkSPIDER is an open source project that scans the entire Internet for web vulnerabilities and provides the results free and open to the public.

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Akualizováno March 11, 2014

Kurzovní lístek Vyžaduje restart

Kurzovní lístek české koruny podle ČNB a ČSOB

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Akualizováno March 9, 2014

3FM Now Playing Vyžaduje restart

Wat draait 3fm op dit moment?

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Akualizováno March 9, 2014

Yahoo! Cricket Vyžaduje restart

A Yahoo! Cricket Mozilla Firefox extension for live scores, match updates, news, photos, videos and more.

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Akualizováno March 8, 2014