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Date and Time

A Popup Time and Date shower on Toolbar

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Přidáno January 2, 2017

Fake Anime Site Blocker

Blocks fake phishing anime websites.

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Přidáno December 23, 2016


Website Truster.

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Přidáno December 21, 2016


Adds context to Trump's not-quite-accurate tweets. Created by The Washington Post.

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Přidáno December 19, 2016

Get Synced v1.0

Context sensitive Firefox education tool: an experimented created by Mozilla to promote Firefox Mobile and Sync to users on desktop who have bookmarked.

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Přidáno December 15, 2016

JavaScript Warning

You can store websites in a list which are not supposed to execute JavaScript code. If they try to do so the Add-on warns you.

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Přidáno December 15, 2016

B.S. Detector

A browser extension that alerts users to unreliable news sources.

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Přidáno December 6, 2016

Popup Blocker (Lite)

A fast, easy and secure way to block all unwanted popups and pop-unders!

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Přidáno November 26, 2016

Firefox All Aboard 1.5

The Mozilla Firefox Educational Tool

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Přidáno November 23, 2016


Soyez au courant quand votre streameuse préférée commence à streamer !

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Přidáno November 22, 2016

Hell Rabbits Extension

Soyez prévenu quand le live est ON!

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Přidáno November 20, 2016

Integrace do GNOME Shell

Toto rozšíření poskytuje integraci s GNOME Shell a shoduje se s repozitářem rozšíření https://extensions.gnome.org

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Přidáno November 18, 2016

Topaz SigPlusExtLite Background Extension

The Topaz SigPlusExtLite Firefox Extension enables users to capture signatures on a wide variety of Topaz signature pads.

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Přidáno November 18, 2016


Basic add-on to display the pin of a website.

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Přidáno November 17, 2016


SignalsXP generates data to its subscribers, providing instant signals with analytical market data.

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Přidáno November 16, 2016

Print Button

Easily print any page with just one click!

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Přidáno November 13, 2016

Alderiate Live

Notifie l'utilisateur si le streamer Alderiate est actuellement en train de stream sur la plateforme Twitch.

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Přidáno November 13, 2016

Discord.FM Queue List

Shows the song queue for a Discord.FM library of your choice. Made by PikaDude.

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Přidáno November 12, 2016

Facebook Online Notifier

Allows user to get notified when their selected friends come online on Facebook.

How it works?
Open and stay Logged in to your Facebook account and keep the tab open.
Click on Addon's Browser Icon at the top bar and the full name to track.

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Přidáno November 10, 2016

Tab Suspender (Tab Unloader)

Automatically suspend (hibernate) inactive tabs to free up system resources

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Přidáno November 9, 2016