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Ask Tvinx Vyžaduje restart

Find out more about topic.

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GoodRelations Extension Vyžaduje restart

Context search for product offerings and company profiles with GoodRelations...

FF4 support? - This extension works also with Firefox 4, but you have to install version 0.1.5, which has not been reviewed yet (as of April 6, 2011).

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Google translate Persian / English Vyžaduje restart

Translate using Google translate service for any language to Persian & any language to English

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skripts Vyžaduje restart

tworzy przydatną funkcję kubabox

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BuscaOfertas Vyžaduje restart

O BuscaOfertas é uma simples e poderosa extensão que extende sua experiência de compras e exploração de ofertas e produtos na web.

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Add-on SDK Examples

Add-on to augment the Mozilla Add-on SDK documentation with examples that can be run right on the page

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Open URL Vyžaduje restart

allows you to highlight and open unclickable links on webpages.

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PicBox Uploader Vyžaduje restart

With this addon you can...
1. Upload images to PicBox
2. Upload and resize images to PicBox
3. Share them on Facebook
4. Embed them by BB-Code
5. Embed them by HTML-Code
6. Hotlink them and safe your own traffic

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DrDOM Vyžaduje restart

DrDOM allows to find Hidden Fields in the page(including frame), display a Dom counter, running javascript or any other script like jquery (your page should have that script) with immediate effect on page.

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Cover Art Finder

A simple restartless addon that shows cover art in your MP3/FLAC/WAV folders and provides an easy way of retrieving missing artwork.

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DEX toolbar Vyžaduje restart

DEX (Dicţionarul explicativ al limbii române) toolbar - caută cuvintele direct din browser!

8 uživatelů Free Image Hosting Vyžaduje restart

Addon Created for ZillaImage and for its users to upload with a single click!

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e2sin - Converter Vyžaduje restart

Converts English to Sinhala based on Madura online dictionary

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WikiSearch Concise Vyžaduje restart

Search Mobile Wikipedia through the context menu. Useful on slow computers / small screens

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Imitate IE Vyžaduje restart

Adds and removes some features to imitate Internet Explorer behaviour.

- CTRL+T homepage opening
- CTRL+K tab cloning
- F4 location bar select
- Findbar 'Highlight all' enabled on select
- Prevent dragging in the location bar

73 uživatelů - Free ImageHosting up to 10MB Vyžaduje restart

Simply make a right click on a Image and select "Upload to" so thats is it..

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ABC.Noticias Vyžaduje restart

ABC. Noticias de España y del mundo -

1 uživatel Domain SEO Analyzer Vyžaduje restart

Displays an icon on Firefox's status bar, and in right-click drop down menu; On click it will load a Domain SEO report page for the currently visible website. Powered by

105 uživatelů firefox extension Vyžaduje restart

An extension to generate a in the background of any webpage.
Code based on TinyURL Generator by Richard Miles

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AtrafEx Vyžaduje restart

Making Atraf Dating livable

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