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Paste to Tab and Go Vyžaduje restart

Paste URL or text to any tabs or a new tab and load it immediately, like 'Paste & Go' feature, but unlike 'Paste & Go', this extension will paste text from clipboard to a tab without focusing on the tab first.

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Download plain text file from

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Adds a PasteAndGo-button

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With this extension you can quickly paste any type of text to the website

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Upload image tool

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pastego Vyžaduje restart

Simple extension to go to the url or search for the text in clipboard (or linux selection buffer) when the toolbar button or menu item is...

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paste and go button, plus paste and search by bing

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PasteGo modified Vyžaduje restart

Allows to open multiple URL in the clipboard at once

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PasteIP Vyžaduje restart

Easy pasting of your IP address or User-Agent in a textbox. Comes in handy when posting on forums, etc.

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PastePalette Vyžaduje restart

A toolbar with small pieces of text you can paste by pressing its...

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PasteREF Vyžaduje restart

Tired of looking up references?
No more manual decoding of the entries from the reference lists.
PasteREF will do that for you!

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PasteWall Clipper

PasteWall Clipper - Post anything to PasteWall with one right-click

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Patch For Library Vyžaduje restart

Note: This extension is for Firefox3.0.* ~ 3.7a1pre. This extension might not work on Mac OS X .

SearchPlaces ( is recommended to a creation of a query and edit.

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PatentlyUseful(tm) For the USPTO Vyžaduje restart

Provides helpful links for Issued Patents and Patent Applications at the United States Patent Office ( USPTO ). Additional information available at or by email at

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Path Helper Vyžaduje restart


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Live bookmark app: control the web: tag your content: manage your content: view your content. Live updates and downloads: you choose, Pathfinder delivers.

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Pathship Screen Sharing

An add-on for screensharing

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Patience 1 Vyžaduje restart

Put the cards in the correct order from Ace to King.

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PawsTrail Vyžaduje restart

PawsTrail highlights the links you find the most interesting, and enables you to easily keep, share and discuss your "likes".

For more information check PawsTrail screencast at:

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Pay2n browser extension

Pay your invoices with a single click, independently of what Internet bank you use

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