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Overlay Scrollbars

Overlay Scrollbars for Firefox.

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A minimalistic extension that transforms Firefox's scrollbars into semi-transparent overlay ones, saving window space and looking good.

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Override User Agent

Override User Agent permite substituir a string padrão do User-Agent na barra de ferramentas, as alterações afetam apenas o domínio atual.

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Overwatch Tribute New Tab

For Xbox and Playstation lovers. A rotating gallery of high-res Overwatch wallpapers on every new tab!

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OVH VOIP Click2Call Vyžaduje restart

Cette extension permet d'appeler n'importe quel numéro de téléphone français via l'API VOIP d'OVH.COM

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OVS Extensions Vyžaduje restart

S'ouvrir de nouvelles options sur OVS, c'est possible avec ce module :
- enlever sa situation amoureuse
- définir son âge à plus de 69 ans
Et d'autres à venir

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Ovulation Predictor Vyžaduje restart

It will show you your most fertile dates and it suggests when your next period is expected to start.

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OWF Chat Box Vyžaduje restart

Chatango chat and radio for

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Owl - For comfortable reading

An add-on to make online reading easy.
This add-on makes reading comfortable by dimming the background and transforming the theme of the page into a darker one.

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Owl Youtube Video Zoom

Zoom in Youtube Videos with OwlZoom

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ownCloud Bookmarks

Add-on for syncing bookmarks with ownCloud.

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ownCloud Passwords

A Firefox add-on to access passwords stored in an ownCloud.

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Ownpage Vyžaduje restart

Your own homepage. - Alternative home page and new tab page for your browser.

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Ownza Firefox Extension

With Ownza's Firefox Button:
(1) Any time you visit a store online, the Ownza Button shows you what your friends and tastemakers own or want from that store.
(2) Earn cash back on purchases when you add things from the store to your Ownza profile.

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OwO What's this?

Replaces everything with 'OwO What's this?'

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Oxford English Dictionary

Looking up Oxford English Dictionary quickly while browsing an english website

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Oxford Learner Dictionary

Oxford Learner Dictionary search tool

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Oxford Pronunciation Viewer

The current version of Oxford Online Dictionary show pronunciation at the bottom of each page. This addon will help bring it to the top of each page, so that you can see it easily.

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OZ Bargain Hunter Vyžaduje restart

Get instant updates on the latest deals, coupons, vouchers and freebies from brought to you by

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OZ.BY Toolbar Vyžaduje restart

Тулбар для сайта

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