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Disable Style Button

This extension adds a button in the main toolbar that toogles author styles for the current tab.

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Highlightor helps you to save your highlight so that you can reload them later.

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Print preview button (restartless)

This extension adds a "Print Preview" button to the main toolbar.

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eDeseos te ayuda a hacer realidad tus sueños y los de las personas que comparten tu vida.

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Rádio Revolution

Ouça enquanto navega no Facebook ou Twitter.

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Forum be gone (discontinued)

Entfernt Diskussionsforen vieler deutschsprachiger Nachrichtenseiten

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WordReference Exporter

You're using WordReference.com and you want to save a word on list! Do it with a single click.

WordReference Exporter adds a small button to your browser. Just click this button when you're browsing a word on WordRefence.com to export it.

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Show History Button

History Button to show history sidebar for Firefox.

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Browser Console Button

Browser Console Button to open up Firefox Browser Console.

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Scratchpad Button

Scratchpad Button to open up Firefox Scratchpad.

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LibertyVaults Extension

LibertyVaults application extension.

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Crystal FS

Allow webapps to read and write local files like a desktop application.

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ProVision.bg home page button

ProVision.bg Button addon

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gTimer Vyžaduje restart

gTimer предназначен для подсчёта времени, проводимого за работой в Firefox.

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#GooberGabber - GamerGate Word Scrambler Vyžaduje restart

Replaces "GamerGate" with other G words. Also replaces "GamerGater" with "Alligator".

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Medocow Software Search

This add-on allows to search a lot of freeware software on Medocow.

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Browse status of all hyip monitors on one page. Click to view domain details on www.allhyipmonitos.com

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Github Status Checker

It shows an icon (green, yellow, red) in your addon bar depending on the github.com status (checked from https://status.github.com/), including last update datetime. Click it to open https://status.github.com/ in a new tab to see more details.

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POC Revevol Vyžaduje restart

Finds links and redirect in new links

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