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Web Paste & Go Nevyžaduje restart

This is "Paste & Go" just for web forms and inputs + Hotkey(click)

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tickety-tick Nevyžaduje restart

A chrome extension that helps you to create commit messages and branch names.

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Maspoint Suggestion Box Nevyžaduje restart

Pin your favorite services to the Masspoint Suggestion Box!

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Instant Smart Quotes

Replace typewriter quotes, apostrophes, ellipses and dashes with their typographically correct counterparts as you type.

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TapTack Nevyžaduje restart

Our minds store and sort memories based on their context. TapTack gives users the ability to tack words to sites in order to get back to them with ease. The tool is at its most powerful when using as many descriptive words as possible.

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Easy Google Page Translate - For Firefox Nevyžaduje restart

Translate current page by using Google Translate. Only one click. Easily switch between translation and original page.

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Pirate Hook's Banana Extension Nevyžaduje restart

Substitutes apples to bananas. :)

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Webgardi Nevyžaduje restart

this plugin can help you stay updated always , also it can help you to search in best persian websites in any topics very fast and easy without Limits .
Like : music , sport , games , IT , Video , cooking , Sucsess ,...

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Feedeen Nevyžaduje restart

An official extention for Feedeen.

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Star2Star Browser Extension Nevyžaduje restart

Star2Star Browser Extension for Firefox detects phone numbers on web pages and converts them to links that allow you to quickly make calls in the Star2Star Application Framework.

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Premium downloader for StreamMania

Makes easier to download files from hoster services using StreamMania multi-host provider.

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Dustman - AutoClose Tabs Nevyžaduje restart

Stop worrying about dozens of open tabs, Dustman will close them for you and let you focus on your work

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Hotels Combined Search - Save on Cheap Hotel Deals Nevyžaduje restart

Finds the best hotel deals from all major travel websites with one quick and easy search. No fees, no mark-up - 100% free!

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Метео Молодечно Информер Nevyžaduje restart

Информер для отображения оперативных данных с сайта метеостанции в Молодечно

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NewzSocial Plug-in Nevyžaduje restart

Plug-in for firefox to help curate, share and approve your articles

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LiveCrowd Desktop Capture Nevyžaduje restart

Add-on to enable Screen Sharing in LiveCrowd(http://www.livecrowd.jp).

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Showhow2 – MyTechTracker

Showhow2 brings you a simple way to track, clip and organise all your links related to technology products and services

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Screen-sharing extension for xplorify.net Nevyžaduje restart

This firefox extension is developed for http://tokbox.com/. It doesn't do anything except capturing content of your screen.

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Free OmniGraffle (.graffle) Viewer Nevyžaduje restart

Open your OmniGraffle files for free

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Wishnbox Nevyžaduje restart

Mettez de côté toutes vos idées shopping depuis n'importe quel site.

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