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The Personal Activity Manager (PAcMan) supports lifelong learners in designing and sharing their activities which involve web applications.

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新浪微博 织者


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URL Parser

This tool offers a gentler way of parsing and editing the URL via URLParser.com.

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Gayburg Slice Nevyžaduje restart

Permette di visualizzare i titoli delle ultime notizie di Gayburg in modo rapido e intuitivo attraverso un apposito tasto posto nella toolbar del browser.

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My Security Search Bar

My Security My Search Bar, offers a secure connection to some search engines that support a secure connection to reduce the potential for and cancellation of your searches.
Also supports the opportunity to add your own search engine.

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Restore Control

When too many tabs are being reloaded on browser start-up, Restore Control stops them from immediately loading all at once according to your preference.

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Quickly locate your tabs! Hotkey: Ctrl-'.

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AtmosFox helps you organize/manage/store your files on EMC Atmos online storage. It is easy to install and use as it is integrated into the browser.

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foxiFrame aerosnap

Hides caption of Firefox and emulates aerosnap

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Push links from Firefox to your Android phone.

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Wooword Bounce

To search words by using wooword dictionary for english-thai translation http://www.wooword.com

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That is a plugin for working with c2m services(http://index01d.com/c2m/). This plugin allows you to share your code with cc2m(copy code) and substitute long urls to short ones with cu2m(copy url). Plugin puts url to code or short url into clipboard.

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Mitto Password Manager

Mitto is a free, safe & secure online password manager that works in any browser & makes using the Internet easier & more secure. Mitto has extensions for Firefox and Chrome & also supports other browsers via the Mitto Bookmarklet

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BrowserDeals Preisvergleich

Mit BrowserDeals nie wieder zu viel bezahlen!
BrowserDeals vergleicht automatisch Preise von Produkten, während Sie im Web surfen! Wenn ein günstigerer Preis gefunden wurde, wird er Ihnen direkt im Browser angezeigt.

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JoyBidder eBay Auction Sniper Free Edition

eBay auction monitoring and bidding tool track and snipe eBay auction, intuitive user interface and easy to use.

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CATS Toolbar

Save time when sourcing candidates and contacts from websites like LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder and Dice. Click the CATS icon to parse contact information from web pages. Review and make edits, then click submit to add the data right into CATS.

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Add-on Recommender

Recommend add-ons which are suitable for the currently browsing site.

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Scholar Search Link

Add Google Scholar\'s paper search link to the Google search results page.

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Tsugi-Den Plus

Now you won\'t miss last train!

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Google Cache Tool

Clone of no more supported Google Cache Checker extension. Automatically checks visited pages to determine if they are cached, and displays the result in the Firefox statusbar.

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