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Coagmento Spring 2015 Study Vyžaduje restart

Coagmento is a collaborative search system integrated into a Firefox browser plugin. This version of Coagmento is specifically for Rutgers University students during Spring 2015.

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ULTubE - Ultra Leeching YouTube Engine Vyžaduje restart

ULTubE is an Ultra Leeching YouTube Engine . It Can Leech All YouTube Video Download Links On Any Page By Clicking The ULTubE Menu Item From The Context Menu .

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Savilio video downloader

Download your favourite videos offline from various popular web sites (e.g. Vimeo, YouTube, Ted.com, etc).

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Rób zakupy i oszczędzaj z Cashbag.pl

Prosty dodatek który ułatwi Ci oszczędzanie z Cashbag.pl

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Mozilla Tree Status

Displays status of Mozilla integration trees and provides notifications of status changes.

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Reddit Submission Finder Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+

Extension to find previous reddit submissions of the current page.

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Exede Analytics

Gathers performance data from the browser such as page load times and download speed for Exede Internet

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Volatile Storage

Allows you to clear Local Storage, manually or when Firefox starts up and exits.

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Seria-Z :: Сериалы онлайн

Поиск сериалов на сайте Seria-z.net

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Open preset URL in Private Browsing window

Display a toolbar button to open a preset URL in a new Private Browsing window.

Icon by Aha-Soft (http://www.aha-soft.com/), published under the CC Attribution 3.0 United States License.

16px version downscaled by aviav.

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URL&p Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+

Extension opens URL with one parameter in new tab

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Premium downloader for Alldebrid Vyžaduje restart

Makes easier to download files from hoster services using Alldebrid multi-host provider.

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Add-on for joemonster.org website, adding some functionality like hiding specific users posts

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Tab Groups Button

Widget and toolbar for panorama

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masterpassword for Firefox

Keep different passwords for every site you log into without having to remember anything but a single master password. And without the risk of your getting your password list stolen.

MasterPassword is available for all your devices!

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Image Gaze

Show a large preview of the image (link) at the mouse cursor.

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Bagf BMI Calculator

The official Bagf BMI Calculator extension.

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Copy Selected Links

Right-click selected text to copy the URL of any links it contains.

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Avoid Facebook share

Αποφυγή facebook share για προβολή youtube βίντεο, άνοιγμα youtube video σε νέα καρτέλα ή μπλοκάρισμα facebook share popups κατα την φορτωση των σελίδων.

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