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Inactive tab

Creates a inactive new tab

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딥링크 업로더

현재 페이지의 주소와 제목을 이용해 딥링크에 새 링크를 올립니다.

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League of Legends Match History Fix

A fix for the internationalization file on the League of Legends match history page

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Ontotext S4

This add-on can be used to annotate text content with the S4 text analytics services: http://s4.ontotext.com

S4 from Ontotext provides a set of on-demand, and low-cost components for semantic data management and text analytics

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Sportingbet Български

Достъп до Sportingbet

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Photoshop-like guides and rulers interface on a web page. Guides are created by click-and-dragging corresponding horizontal or vertical ruler. It is possible to open/save created guides as grids (Note: grids will be saved on a page location basis).

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Télécharger plus facilement avec Keepfiles

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Normalna galeria: kwejk

Dodatek tworzy całą galerię kwejka na jednej stronie.

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SAASPASS Single Sign-On 2FA Authenticator

SAASPASS Single Sign-On extension allows SSO login to your two-factor authentication Authenticator services with zero steps.

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SKDownloader is a torrent client & download accelerator. This plugin adds a "Download with skdownloader" context menu enabling users to start downloads directly from the browser.

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עלמה פדיה הוא תוסף לדפדפן המאפשר להקריא כל תוכן באתר וקיפדיה בעברית.
התוסף מסייע למתקשים בקריאה, ילדים, ודיסלקטים.
סמנו טקסט עם העכבר, ולחצו על כפתור ה"play" שייפתח לידו

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Solimoov transforme vos achats en dons, gratuitement et sans effort !

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Commuter Homes London

Easily find out how long it would take to commute to work whilst browsing Rightmove.

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forum.ge text markup helper

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Urlbar autocomplete hotkey

Adds a hotkey to toggle urlbar autocomplete. Control-Alt-U

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快读 - 帮助用户快速阅读长新闻,长文章。

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Рейтинг Кинопоиска для телепрограммы

Показывает рейтинг Кинопоиска для фильмов на страницах телепрограмм Яндекса, Mail.ru и Рамблера.

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Maskuje prohlížeč nejběžnějším user-agentem.

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Get Archive Vyžaduje restart

Gets a previous version from a webpage using archive.org or archive.is.

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Scrollkey Vyžaduje restart

Scroll pages in VIM style, using j and k shortcuts.

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