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ゲーム「艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-」の、遠征、入渠、建造が完了するまでのタイマーを設定したり、

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Copy URL Nevyžaduje restart

Copy the URL of the current page to the clipboard at the click of a button.

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Google Selection Translate - For AltKey Nevyžaduje restart

Selecting text and holding alt key, translated results will show up on current web pages. No need to leave current web pages. Translate results come from Google Translate.

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Speed Tweaks (SpeedyFox) Nevyžaduje restart

This extension provides a list to almost all the settings that you may need to alter in order to enhance Firefox's speed.

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webPass Nevyžaduje restart

webPass Firefox works in conjunction with Stoneware webNetwork version 6.3 (and later) to provide single sign-on (SSO) capabilities within Firefox.

You must be authenticated to a webNetwork server to use this add-on.

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Визуальные закладки от Яндекс

Визуальные закладки – это страница, на которой собраны ваши любимые сайты.

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YandexTranslate:anything-Russian & Russian-English Nevyžaduje restart

Translate selected word or phrase over translate.yandex.ru from any lang to Russian (or from Russian to English) - result in context menu (right click) and in popup. Minimum and fast. Not affect DOM. Unofficial extension - works by using API.

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Disable Private Browsing

Disable Private Browsing menu option and keyboard shortcut. If you also want to disable the deletion of history, use Disable Private Browsing Plus from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/disable-private-browsing-pl/

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CLiCk, Speak.js

CLiCk, Speak.js is a hybrid of Charles L. Chen's excellent text-to-speech extension and the JavaScript TTS engine Speak.js. It also includes some code improvements for ML-FireVox.

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Save Text Area

This extension adds File Open and Save functionality to editable text fields and areas, in effect turning them into...

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Open about:permissions

Firefox 6 introduces new Permissions Manager which you can find under URL "about:permissions". This add-on adds link to the menu where you cannot find link to this manager at this moment.

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Honey Nevyžaduje restart

Visit http://www.joinhoney.com to download the latest version of the Honey addon!

Automatically find and try coupon codes with 1-click. Works at over 100 top stores in the US, Canada and UK.

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Youtube AgeRestriction Unblocker Nevyžaduje restart

Bypass age restricted youtube videos with one click!

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FireMath is an equation editor based on MathML, the mathematical markup language.

Find examples, FAQ, installation instructions and a discussion board at

Speed up scientific scripting! Improve your science!

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Textise Nevyžaduje restart

Creates a text-only version of almost any web page. Great for accessibility, SEO and printing.

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HTTPS by default Nevyžaduje restart

Request websites over secure https by default from the location bar instead of insecure http.

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Right-Click Translate Nevyžaduje restart

Translate selected text to preferred target language.

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TextMarker Go

Allows to highlight the selected text.
1) three customizable colors for highlight
2) highlight functions as bookmarks
3) hotkeys for highlight selected text, remove highlights, and jump to highlighted text.

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Graphing Calculator Toolbar

Enter up to 5 equations into this toolbar, then view the graphs using Firefox native SVG support. The toolbar allows rescaling the x and y coordinates and redefining the domain. Contributions go directly to the Boys & Girls Club.

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Firesize Nevyžaduje restart

Resizes the browser window to match customizable dimensions

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