• Real Football

    This theme was designed based on the most popular sport in the world, Football, also known as Soccer, Futebol, Fútbol, Fussball, etc.
    This theme has a green flavor and most of the icons are football related which gives a good appearance, I hope you l...
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  • 1.FC Koeln

    Rut un wiess Edition
    1. FC KÖLN

    Based on a design by Ansgar
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  • ASU

    Arizona State University Theme
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  • Cubs Theme

    A theme for the Chicago Cubs!
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  • Brazil Theme

    Brazil Theme

    With the World Cup coming up, don't we need a theme for the best soccer team in the world?
    (Com a Copa do Mundo chegando aí, precisamos de um tema para a melhor equipe de futebol do mundo, não é?)
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  • Alabama Crimson Tide 3.5

    Theme for Bama fans!
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  • Green Bay Packers Theme

    The Green Bay Packers FireFox theme was developed by Packer Forum. (
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  • Atletico Nacional - Nacho Verde

    This theme was designed based on the best Colombian Soccer team, "El Verde" Atletico Nacional and dedicated to all its fans around the world.
    Most of the icons are based on Nacho which is Atletico Nacional's mascot, I hope you like it and use it, and...
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  • Iowa State Cyclones Theme

    Theme for the Iowa State Cyclones based on the Default Theme 3.0
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  • Everything Elio

    Firefox theme for fans of Italian F1 driver Elio De Angelis and the JPS Team Lotus.
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  • NY Yankees

    A New York Yankees theme with the majestic pinstripes in the background. The logo as the back button and a mirrored logo as the forward button. the yankee cap as the reload, two crossed bats for the stop button, and a homeplate as the home icon.
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  • New Orleans Saints

    Saints Fox is a theme created for New Orleans Saints' fans.

    Theme created with the help of TwisterMC's ipox remix.
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  • Boston Celtics (Home)

    Boston Celtics (Home) Firefox Theme. Celebrate the peerless glory of our beloved C's with this large-button theme! Banner 17 is up!
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  • Penn State Nittany Lions

    A Penn State Nittany Lions firefox theme
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  • SoccerFox SVG

    A theme for Soccer/football fans
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  • RedSoxfox

    Boston Red Sox Theme
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