Integrace s OS

  • My_buuf

    My_buuf v2.2 icon theme for Firefox v3.6 using buuf icons from mattahan (
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  • FX Go

    FX Go is a firefox theme designed by SilentAero. It is a simple yet elagant theme designed to be used without distraction.
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  • Blue Ice lite

    A crisp, simple ice blue theme.
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  • macbirdblue

    The clean look of Mac OS X Firefox 0.9 on your PC - includes UI elements and enhancements. Based on macfoxII by Kelly...
    110 uživatelů
  • Mattahan

    All credits go 2 Mattahan for his wonderfull icons

    Please also try the new thunderbird version:
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  • Luna

    Designed to help Firefox integrate with Windows...
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  • Maxthon2

    Мой первый скин на основе скина Maxthon 2.5.2
    (Skins based on the skin of Maxthon 2.5.2)
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  • Luna Blue

    Emulates the Windows XP Luna theme regardless of the OS...
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  • XP on iMac

    XP Theme for the iMac. Uses the colorful toolbar icons from the XP version for the iMac. Otherwise this is the default iMac theme.
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  • macbird

    The clean look of Mac OS X Firebird 0.8 on your PC - includes UI elements and enhancements. Based on macfoxII by Kelly...
    71 uživatelů
  • Concave Alloy Fusion - Black

    A concaved black alloy,with nice red easy read icons. Overall, a nice fusion of red and black.

    If response to this is well received, I have versions in other colors.

    NOTE: I HAVE FIXED THE MULTIPLE ARROW ISSUE (Mentioned below in some reviews) WI...
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    Icons from the Tango Desktop Project. It is a variant of the "Tango" theme for use with the GNOME default icons. See more details at the "Tango" info...
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  • GnomeFx

    This is a firefox 3.6 theme for windows XP which changes all of the default icons into their GNOME counterparts.
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  • New Wave

    This a theme that help integrating the popular GTK theme New Wave into Firefox. This skin can only be used with the New Wave GTK theme because I tried to make the skin as dynamic as possible thus removing the unique look with other GTK themes and ke...
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  • Crystal Alloy Fusion - Blue

    A blue metal background with illuminated red buttons and accents. The colors go very well together, and the effect is an overall darker them with nice illuminating light effects.

    NOTE: I have fixed the multiple arrow issue some users were experienc...
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  • GrayFox

    2 themes for Firefox 3.5
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