• Mangan

    Theme for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird - Very clean theme inspired by Google Chrome
    116 uživatelů
  • GrApple Crisp

    Designed to fit well in the Mac OS X environment.
    746 uživatelů
  • macfox NOSTALGIA

    A clean, professional and elegant theme again!
    143 uživatelů
  • ShineGUI 1.0

    A shiny bright metallic theme started from an opera theme.
    18 uživatelů
  • Bricks for Firefox

    Bricks for Firefox, theme optimized for using your own background. Based on the Nautipolis/LittleFox framework.

    Install the About Home Themer extension to also theme the about:home page.
    901 uživatelů
  • Blue Fiber

    Blue Carbon Fiber Theme for those who want a little carbon fiber in their lives...
    44 uživatelů
  • Phoenity Aura

    Simple and sleek icons.
    638 uživatelů
  • SoCool

    SoCool theme for Firefox 3.5
    125 uživatelů
  • Modern Modoki for FF 3.6

    This is port of the Modern Modoki theme for Netscape 8 updated to work with Firefox 3.6
    478 uživatelů
  • HS-Fulda Theme

    Verwandelt deinen Firefox in eine Lernmaschine ;-) > Für Windows & MAC OS X
    Turns your Firefox into a study machine ;-) > for Windows & MAC OS X
    848 uživatelů
  • HypeSonic

    Michael's Theme For HyperSonic and Firefox
    61 uživatelů
  • miniFoxFlat

    miniFox theme with almost everything 2D flat...
    251 uživatelů
  • Silver Fiber

    Silver Carbon Fiber Theme for those who want a little carbon fiber in their lives...
    21 uživatelů
  • W3v8 for Firefox

    W3V8, based on the IBM Intranet style (W3 v8.0) and Nautipolis (with icons from
    Check out the Tools/Options dialog!
    Includes support for many extensions, icluding downloadstatusbar, tabsidebar, all-in-sidebar, stumble-upon, downloadmg...
    368 uživatelů
  • Gradient Brushed Metal

    Surf the Web - not your browser...
    Seamless brushed metallic gradient - sleek and functional.
    333 uživatelů
  • ArzoFox

    Arzo theme for Firefox 3.5
    763 uživatelů