Plné motivy dle jména

  • XboxFox

    A theme created for 360 users, by a 360 user, with 360 buttons etc...

    You get the idea.
    Whilst this addon is now incompatible with the later versions of Firefox for Windows, I have had email reports of people saying it is behaving fine on linux.
    175 uživatelů
  • Xmas

    Celebrate the holiday season with this fun & festive Christmas theme!
    65 uživatelů
  • XP on iMac

    XP Theme for the iMac. Uses the colorful toolbar icons from the XP version for the iMac. Otherwise this is the default iMac theme.
    29 uživatelů
  • Yellow Fiber

    Yellow Carbon Fiber Theme for those who want a little carbon fiber in their lives...
    4 uživatelé
  • yogurttree

    A colorfully fun theme.
    946 uživatelů
  • zblack

    A compact black and white theme.
    304 uživatelů