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od Davy Jones

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Right Links od Infocatcher

Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček 122 recenzí

8 193 uživatelů

This extension allows to open links in new tabs with right-click directly and using “long” left-click.
This is very useful for touchpads on notebooks and for mice without middle button.

Greasefire od Steve Krulewitz, Erik Vold

Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček 176 recenzí

11 008 uživatelů

Automatically find user scripts on Userscripts.org (requires Greasemonkey or Scriptish)

Nuke Anything Enhanced od Patrick Abi Salloum

Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček 126 recenzí

21 777 uživatelů

Allows you to hide almost anything via context menu 'Remove Object'.

MediaPlayerConnectivity od Sethnakht

Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček 148 recenzí

14 938 uživatelů

Allow you to launch embed video of website in an external application with a simple click ...

AutoAuth od Christopher Finke

Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček 47 recenzí

10 956 uživatelů

AutoAuth automatically submits HTTP authentication dialogs when you’ve chosen to have the browser save your login information.

TabGroups Manager od Axel Shootingstar

Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček 475 recenzí

9 414 uživatelů

TabGroups Manager helps to classify and organize tabs by dividing them into Groups. Because tabs become easier to manage, you can never have too many! TabGroups Manager is ideal for tab power users.

Clip to OneNote od Jayarathina Madharasan

Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček 125 recenzí

9 123 uživatelů

Clip to OneNote is a free add-on which helps you to send text, pictures and other data to Microsoft Office OneNote with a single click.

gui:config od slosd

Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček 68 recenzí

16 301 uživatelů

This extension provides advanced configuration for your browser. It allows you to easily change many additional options, which are not displayed in the Firefox Options dialog.

DragIt (formerly Drag de Go) od Dr. S.

Ohodnoceno 3 z 5 hvězdiček 175 recenzí

7 917 uživatelů

THE Drag And Drop Extension.

AutoPager od Wind Li



Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček 407 recenzí

43 338 uživatelů

AutoPager automatically loads next pages when you reach the end of a page. It works on a ton of sites,Google,Yahoo..
It works well with most other add-ons adblock plus, WOT and most of the greasemonkey scripts.
You can also try AutoPagerLite.

AutoCopy od Autocopy, Michael Lidman



Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček 523 recenzí

16 983 uživatelů

Select text and it's automatically copied to the clipboard. Also pastes on middle click.

CLEO od Chuck_Baker

Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček 43 recenzí

7 520 uživatelů

CLEO (Compact Library Extension Organizer) is a Firefox extension that works with FEBE* to package any number of extensions/themes into a single, installable .xpi file.

Close All Tabs (Reloaded) od Michael Grafl

Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček 38 recenzí

4 406 uživatelů

A toolbar button to close all open tabs.
Improved and updated version of "Close All Tabs 1.1".

Drag & DropZones od Captain Caveman, Andy Portmen

Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček 129 recenzí

10 199 uživatelů

Get rid of that clumsy context menu, and search the web using up to 100 stylish Drag & DropZones

Download Statusbar od C.J.



Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček 1 459 recenzí

320 954 uživatelů

View and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar - without the download window getting in the way of your web browsing.

Thanks Tekzilla for your awesome review! Click here to see their video: http://youtu.be/BUDqWrJ-Vao
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