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Dwayne Bailey

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Proč byl Zulu spell checker vytvořen?

At we're passionate about South African languages. A spell checker is a critical tool to show people that their language is part of the digital age and to ensure that people create Zulu resources that are correctly written.

Zulu is a hard language to spell check, it is part of the Nguni language group which is highly conjunctive. This means that words are written together rather then apart. What that does is make spell checking really hard. But that is a challenge we love!

Our hope is that by helping Zulu speakers we'll get in place all the technology and features to be able to help other Nguni languages; Swati, Xhosa and Ndebele.

Our spell checkers are the only free spell checkers in African languages but we also want them grow to be the best available Zulu spell checkers.

Co je dalšího u Zulu spell checker plánováno

We've completed our porting to a new spell checker platform called hunspell. Now we can proceed with the more mundane activities.

We continue to harvest Zulu text from the Internet for analysis, new words and testing of our checkers.
We are expanding the checkers morphological analysis (its ability to understand how words are constructed and thus which words are valid)
Lastly, we are working on classifying more Zulu roots

Our aim is to reach 95% accuracy in future versions of the checker.

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Informace o vývojáři
Umístění Pretoria, South Africa
Domovská stránka
Zaregistrován(a) od July 10, 2007
Počet vyvíjených doplňků 22 doplňků
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Informace o vývojáři
Jméno Dwayne Bailey
Domovská stránka
Zaregistrován(a) od June 14, 2007
Počet vyvíjených doplňků 20 doplňků
Průměrné hodnocení doplňků vývojáře Ohodnoceno 3 z 5 hvězdiček