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Piyush Soni

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Proč byl Yahoo Mail Hide Ad Panel vytvořen?

It has been one of the most annoying problems in Yahoo! Mail. I have one of those big monitors, and almost 30% of my screen was taken by this ad panel. With the new Yahoo Mail, not only it got worst, they also started asking $50 instead of the earlier value of $20 - just to remove flashing ads! This was just too much, so I decided to fix this permanently for all the users like me, for free.

Co je dalšího u Yahoo Mail Hide Ad Panel plánováno

Since October 2013, Yahoo changed their layout just once, but I have already updated the add-on around 7 times - not only to to make it faster, persistent and reliable; but also to make it work flawlessly in as many countries as possible.

Needless to say, Yahoo will keep changing their layout, like any other major website (and might also attempt to outsmart this add-on). And as long as I can, I will keep fixing it as I am a heavy Yahoo Mail user myself. If this add-on made you happy, you can buy me a coffee so that I feel motivated to continue working on it ! :)

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