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  • So ononoma posted 8 other reviews for your app? For such a krapp app that completely broke? If it's not you, then it's your cousin or something!
    Shame on you, you cheap sh_eet for using such cheap tricks!
    MAy you rot in hell!
  • I used to love this plug-in, but this is the 3rd update (not in a row) that has deleted my accounts. You're always afraid to upgrade because you could loose your information.
  • kinda works with gmail/chrome, but what's the point in that?
    will NOT WORK with multiple yahoo accts.
  • I only gave it a 1 because I can't rate lower!!!
    The new X-notifier deletes all my Email address when I clear my history!!!
    This is such UTTER CRAP!!!
    Make a FIX for this!!!
    I have no interest in using sync.
  • I'm using x-notifier for years now. But now it only works with a few of my email accounts and it's not possible to add other scripts.
  • After many years of using this addon it seems as though all support for any version of FF below 57 has been dropped. That's sad because with the release of FF 57 mozilla will be losing a large portion of their user base.
  • It doesn't work anymore per end of June 2017. Tried to update to 4.0.3 but it's said that the add-on is corrupted and can't be installed. Gmail stopped working, then suddenly Yahoo mail too. Please update because this was a very important and useful add-on!
  • Always loved this app.
    ON occasion revisions and updates stop it from working but Mr Kang ALWAYS FIXED THEM.
    Now, suddenly, it won't work, but I also notice that my gmail accounts will not stay signed in. Connection? solutions? Someone help !
  • For a novice user I can see where this addon can be a horror story. Deleting profiles is my big beef. The developer is hiding.
  • XNotifier has stopped working. Was using the 3523 version.

    Will dev provide a fix ?
  • "this addon could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt"
  • Outlook.com/Hotmail worked
  • I allowed Firefox to update this AddOn recently but have noticed I have gotten no new email notifications. Well just checked & all my settings are gone & I've found nothing about what has caused this. It's all simply gone. I've used this AddOn for years & had quiet a few email addresses set up in it.
  • muy buena la última actualizació. Me encantaría para otra versión futura que se puedan ver los asuntos de los correos y una o dos líneas de mensaje, al estilo de lo que permitía hasta hace 4 días el gmail checker. Gracias !!!
  • After gmail stopped working now hotmail stopped working us well.
    I don't blame the developer, but I can't give more than 1 star so that the score reflect the current state of the add on.

    (I use the latest version)
  • After installed and setup it automatically login to one of my gmail accounts and never log out. :( I don't want to stay logged in always. AND every time when I restart my browser the whole xnotifier settings, mail accounts are disappear. What's wrong? It was my fav app.
  • Just like everyone here Gmail no longer works. The idiots at FF are just ruining their once great browser and shitting on very useful extentions.
  • Version 3.5.23 pls fix yandex.ru script
  • I use this addon for some time now. I use it for my gmail account and my fastmail account. However, since version 4 the fastmail script doesn't work anymore, even it was made by the dev itself. That's no option for me, so i stick to 3.5.23 But the problem in the old version is that gmail doesn't open and instead you're directed to your google account where you have to login. So i now use 3.5.23 for fastmail alone. If the newer version would improve and that i'm able to use both accounts again (gmail and fastmail) i would give it a higher rating.
  • Multiple logins to Hotmail account may fail and fail.
    If you want to check the mail of account A, but the mail screen of account B opens or if you try to open the mail screen of account B with the mail screen of account A open, the screen of account A is reloaded Or it is unresponsive.
    It will be helpful if you can rectify it as soon as possible.

    Also, do not you ask me to stop checking my email as soon as I launch the browser? I like to check it myself as before
  • GMail not working on Firefox 53.0.2
    I can't install this version (4.0.3). Corrupt addon notification.
  • GMail not working on Firefox 53.0.2
  • Search every single control of the Options page, no "script" button
    Search all the add-on page, no script importing guide
    Search all the forum and FAQ, no script importing guide
    Search whole web using google, still no script importing guide
    Click on x-notifier button, click Help, nothing happened

    Shitest add-on I ever met that can't even explain itself
    I wrote 'X-notifier 4.0 does not support user script because of the internal changes in Firefox.' in above description.
    Please READ before write.