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  • Why the previous version 3.5.23 it works on Hotmail, and 4.0.2 doesn't?

    I turned off the auto-update on extensions for X-Notifier to allow use the 3.5.23 version.

    The X-Notifier is a extension must have, but the version 4.0.2 is not so good than the previous version.
  • The addon actually deteriorated in quality after the update to 4.0.2. The addon was pretty much perfect in my opinion until it was updated. It's worth mentioning that the reason the addon gets worse is because the author had to migrate to the web extension api. If you want to use this addon I really do suggest you use 3.5.23 available from here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/xnotifier/versions/
  • Can't get it to work after the update.
  • I was shocked that after the update everything was removed, the settings disappeared, I could not configure, import, export did not work, the developer acted disgustingly, it's good that I have a habit of doing backups. I rolled it back to the previous version, turned off the updates, put the read-only attribute on the add-on.

    Я был шокирован что после обновления всё удалилось, настройки исчезли, настроить не получается, импорт, экспорт не работает, разработчик поступил отвратительно, как хорошо что у меня есть привычка делать резервные копии. Откатил на предыдущую версию, отключил обновления, поставил на дополнении атрибут только для чтения.
  • Still no connection to Comcast e-mail? Sad.
  • I had a computer with the old version, I was amazed that it was working PERFECT. But it updated without my permission and now it does NOT work, just like in my other computers. WHY did you do this? Why ruined something that was working just fine? Why put auto update only to mess it up? Neve heard of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"?
    Now it needs fixing. Please, fix it, it s REALLY simple. Just roll back to an older version and IT WILL WORK!! PLEASE WAKE UP AND HELP.
  • Every single feature of 4.0 is broken. New mail isn't notified on any accounts (Gmail, Yahoo), account names don't correspond to their correct accounts, etc. Please revert back to 3.5.23 and start from scratch.
  • X-Notifier was the best extension for Firefox and version 3 was the absolute pinnacle of its abilities.

    But I'm not even sure what is the point of 4.0:
    It allows you to add multiple accounts for different services, but you're only able to log into the one that is set to default!
    If this version no longer supports Scripts, why is there still a "Script" option to add to your account list?
    This version is just so badly done, I'm not even sure if it has even gotten to the beta stage!
  • Accounts deleted after update
  • Last version 4.0.2, deletes all stored accounts and in every browser restart keeps clearing everything you stored. One of my favorite plugins became obsolete.
  • In earlier versions you could simply click on the X notifier icon and it would open your inbox. Now I have to click on the icon and then again on the mail account. Not a big issue perhaps, but I find it annoying when I cannot customize functions according to my personal needs.
    Also, it deletes my accounts now every time there's an update. Didn't do that before...
    I give it two stars, where before there would have been five!
  • Works for a while then fails !
  • Does not work anymore for Firefox and developers does not take any action to make it work again. Regrettable!
  • I love this add-on !
  • The change in layout I can live with. But having to re-enter ALL data for all e-mail accounts every time either the add-on or Firefox installs a new update is a real pain. Already looking for an alternative. Shame, because it was a really useful add-on.
  • This used to be a must-have extension--you clicked on the icon and it opened up your email account. . .never a blip or problem. Now, it won't open your account automatically no matter how you set the options, and it randomly just loses your account information every month or so. If you absolutely can't live without this, resign yourself to constant irritations and inconveniences. I'm now looking for a replacement after using it almost since it first came out.
  • With the latest version at the time of this review (4.0.2), it works fine for checking email, but the UI is still broken.
    There are 2 major issues.
    1: You still cannot access the email with a single click, instead a single click now opens a menu where you must then select the account you want to open. this comes up even if you only have 1 account added to the extension, this you have an extra unnecessary step.
    2: The icon for the latest version is completely ruined, it is literally 2.5 times the size of the older version, and number representing the unread mail, covers other content on the screen. Thus if added to a bottom bat (adddon bar) then the number stick out over the bar and covers content on any web page you are looking at. And if you have it at the top, it will cover content from other buttons you may have.

    The developer either intentionally ruined the UI, or is for some reason does not care enough to fix these bugs. I know that some changes are needed to work with the new way firefox will handle extensions in the future, but those changes does not mean that we need to have these 2 major bugs. I first reported these issues about 4 months ago, and with new versions, the developer has actually made it worse
  • Has had spotty updates in the past and now is apparently no different. Worked good, now nothing. Its become a time waster.
  • Shitty version ... corrupted nice addition.
    Suggest alternative.
  • Although the newest update of Xnotifier is fine, I don't like how when you click on the envelope, it doesn't take you to your account automatically. The previous version was much easier to use so I went back.
  • X-notifier updated to version 4 without my permission, now Firefox (51) starts with an empty tab and all acounts are gone and cannot be saved. I used X-notifier for years and it worked flawless. But version 4 is a flop, please take it back.
  • Why did you have to change this addon why? New settings in page was and always will be pointless. I use black theme and now I can`t see anything when I click on email icon, background is gray and fonts are black :( lucky I don`t use settings often, but could you at least change font colore? I use "FT DeepDark " is the best one for Firefox, test it and you will see how it looks...

    I will stay with older version with normal settings and with normal window when I click on email icon... Sry but I just don`t like new look at all and settings in page oh good no thanks. Don`t even know what is wrong with (Not you) all devs to set settings in page and not made/leave normal window with settings.
  • Version 3.5.23
    work on firefox 51 with multiprocess enabled