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  • Thanks Mr. Kang for this perfect addon.

    I would like to comment any issues.

    v3.5.23 did work perfect with Hotmail/Outlook until yesterday (now outlook fails due to new sing up probably)

    Today I tested v4.1.3 and Outlook works again but one issue, when you open email unread messages counter reset like v3 but after when new messages incoming unread counter go back to previous total messages unread + new messages, v3 counter added new unread and not all old unread, it was better v3 when you desire to ignore old unread messages.

  • DOes not work anymore, and this retarded dev STILL asks for "donations"?!!
    I lost TIME and PATIENCE because of this a*s_hOOle and if I could give him zero stars I would!
    And there is no point in deleting my reviews - you only leave the ones which praise you? Very smart - you probably have the mind of a 5 year old!
    What a lo_s_er!
    What a m_or_on!
    I hope his "clinic" goes as bankrupt as his app!
    If he gets run over by a bus let me know, I'll gladly "donate" for his cremation!
  • X-Notifier-Reloaded works perfectly with firefox 54.I don t now if it works with firefox 55.
    Download link:https://github.com/ewwink/X-Notifier-Reloaded/releases/
  • No more additional scripts for others e-mail? Really? Well, i return with 3.5.23 on Firefox 52 ESR and after i seek for alternative addon. Thank you anyway.
  • It would be perfect if office 365 email can be added in the future....
  • I was using xnotifier for long time. But if FF do not allow using scrips, then 4.0.3 and now 4.1.3 became useless. It's also sad, that if I want to check my mailboxes I probably will need install 3-4 different add-ons, and I don't like this.
  • As always, 5 for Mr. Kang

    I just came on here to see if the new 4.1.3 version might have miraculously worked, since I’ve turned off auto-update on most extensions. (still using 3.5.3 with unpredictable, limited function).
    After corresponding with some of the developers, who are having the same problem Mr. Kang is, I’ve kinda’ come to the conclusion my best bet is to roll back to FF ESR 52, before almost all of my extensions are broken. It “should” work, but it’s gonna be a pain in the rear.
    I still hate Chrome and when I opened my first Gmail account I had no idea Google would eventually try and heard us up like Cattle, heck there was no “Chrome”. I don’t see any feedback yet on 4.1.3, not expecting anything good to happen, but ya never know.
    Anywho, I got a surprise today…

    “Stop paying your friends to post reviews for you, you cheap sh--ee-t! Rated 1 out of 5 stars by Sookdikcc on July 19, 2017 · permalink “So ononoma posted 8 other reviews for your app? For such a krapp app that completely broke? If it's not you, then it's your cousin or something! Shame on you, you cheap sh_eet for using such cheap tricks!
    MAy you rot in hell!”

    Wow, ya’ kiss your mom with that mouth? And let’s work on that spelling.
    Freedom of speech… “With great power comes great responsibility”
    … Stan Lee/Spiderman
    We can say whatever we want, but shouldn’t we be aware of what we’re saying? Y’know speaking is like driving, but (un) fortunately ya’ don’t need a license? But like driving a person should open his or her eyes, and preferably use hands to drive.
    “Yeah, ya can drive with your feet, but that don’t mean it should be done!”… Chris Rock
    Man, this is why I don’t do Social Media. People say things digitally that they’d rarely say to someone’s face. I’m old school, ancient. But then again if the Commander in Tweet continually lights his hair on fire (maybe that’s why it orange?) why should the masses be any different?
    If we follow suit, we won’t the kids. “Sh*% roll down hill”
    So to my good friend across the aisle Sookdikcc (is that a name or a profession?) No I’ve never met Mr. Kang. I just appreciated using this extension for several years with no problems, no charge, and guessing it’s a hell of a lot of work.
    I’ve mentioned this before, over 6 months before Mozilla started all this regulatory developer crap and the problems began, he said at his site, eventually he wasn’t going to be able to keep the extension functional. BTW it’s not an app, and it wasn’t crap. (we spell that with a “c”, not a “k”).
    I don’t know this for a fact (it’s called an opinion) but I suspect the supportive reviews are from people who appreciate his work. And the hostile one’s, like from good folks like yourself come from frustration (which I share), and ignorance on the topic. Yeah, Mozilla broke your favorite toy, they’re breaking lots more. I’d suggest you write them, maybe research a little first and stay factual… cause and effect.
    Now I want you to go to your room and think about what you said to Mr. Kang here, in front of all the other anonymous people. Remember the Golden Rule and then write him a message apologizing for the mean things you said to him. If you need to rub one out before to calm down, you can do that first;)
    And here’s a helpful alternative. It’s nobody’s first choice but hey, there’s no chocolate ice cream today, just sherbet. Use Thunderbird, you’ll still get notifications, but be careful. I don’t think it’s as safe as web based mail so you may still want to open your mail online, but at least you’ve got a notifications for all your accounts. Also you’re phone is a notifier, right? See, yeah we’re all gonna’ have to eat sherbet for a while. It’s gonna’ be okay buddy:)
    O ✌️
  • People go to their forum. There you have a solution in the form of a script for both gmail and yahoo. With this scripts your 3.53 version will work. Stop whining anymore.
  • How hard can it be to make an extension which does not delete all my email accounts every time it updates?
  • Por favor, adicione IMAP.
    A janela de notificação popup não fica fixo, mesmo configurando.
  • I found this page on the X-Notifier forum.
    It says how to fix the issues. It was posted around 7.16.2017. It works for the most part. Need to follow carefully.
  • Is there no developer that would take this and fix it so it works on older versions of Firefox again? Some of us don't plan to use Firefox 57. Personally, I use Pale Moon.
  • So ononoma posted 8 other reviews for your app? For such a krapp app that completely broke? If it's not you, then it's your cousin or something!
    Shame on you, you cheap sh_eet for using such cheap tricks!
    MAy you rot in hell!
  • I used to love this plug-in, but this is the 3rd update (not in a row) that has deleted my accounts. You're always afraid to upgrade because you could loose your information.
  • kinda works with gmail/chrome, but what's the point in that?
    will NOT WORK with multiple yahoo accts.
  • I only gave it a 1 because I can't rate lower!!!
    The new X-notifier deletes all my Email address when I clear my history!!!
    This is such UTTER CRAP!!!
    Make a FIX for this!!!
    I have no interest in using sync.
  • I'm using x-notifier for years now. But now it only works with a few of my email accounts and it's not possible to add other scripts.
  • After many years of using this addon it seems as though all support for any version of FF below 57 has been dropped. That's sad because with the release of FF 57 mozilla will be losing a large portion of their user base.
  • It doesn't work anymore per end of June 2017. Tried to update to 4.0.3 but it's said that the add-on is corrupted and can't be installed. Gmail stopped working, then suddenly Yahoo mail too. Please update because this was a very important and useful add-on!
  • Always loved this app.
    ON occasion revisions and updates stop it from working but Mr Kang ALWAYS FIXED THEM.
    Now, suddenly, it won't work, but I also notice that my gmail accounts will not stay signed in. Connection? solutions? Someone help !
  • For a novice user I can see where this addon can be a horror story. Deleting profiles is my big beef. The developer is hiding.
  • XNotifier has stopped working. Was using the 3523 version.

    Will dev provide a fix ?
  • "this addon could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt"
  • Outlook.com/Hotmail worked