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  • Since the last update, I have no more mail accounts into X Notifier
  • This plugin do not do nothing, I loged to my account but it never notify me!
  • Congratulations and thank you for your add-on.

    Everything works ok, but I couldn't make it works the "sound alert". Does it work with special sound files? Does it work with sound files saved in my computer? I did a lot of tests, and nothing worked. Any hint about how to make it works? This is one of the most important functions for me! We have a blind member in the family. Please, help.

    I will be happy to make a donation for my "sound alert" request.

    Again, thank you!
  • rss doesn't work with GMAIL I shouldn't have to give the addon my login info
  • Stopped working with yahoo mail. Will update review if fixed. Wouldnt bother until then

    Edit - Issue has been resolved as of 08/12. Good job team :)
  • Win 10 64 bit. FF56 and 57.0.1 (both computers/browsers same behavior)
    It was working recently. Now, all of a sudden, will not report new Yahoo email. It seems to log in, and I can click in the XN window to get to all my Yahoo email accts, but will not report new emails.
  • No longer shows new mail for yahoo 57.0.1
  • Was working fine, but doesn't now notify new email in yahoo mail inbox (Firefox 57.0.1)
  • Süper
  • My x-notifier hasn't been working for Hotmail for more than a year. I went back to the old version which still wouldn't show incoming mails but at least by clicking on x-notifier I could go to directly to my Outlook inbox. When Firefox updated itself (without asking me) yesterday, the old version was replaced with the newest version which still doesn't check emails. It is completely useless.
  • Yandex.ru and Mail.ru - not work. Add support Scripts
  • ツールバーのX-notifierボタンからメールを開こうとすると毎回、文字認証画面が出て、入力してからログインすることになってしまいます。
  • I have two Gmail accounts, when click the non-defualt one to check inbox, Gmail asks for password every time. Is this something related to the new annoying Firefox, or the add-on itself. I remember the add-on was working perfectly before.
  • Excellente extension mais a perdu de l'intérêt depuis qu'il n'est plus possible de configurer simplement les IMAP.
    Pour cette raison j'ai chassé Firefox 57 Quantum de mon ordinateur et j'ai installé Firefox ESR afin de continuer à profiter de X-notifier reloaded qui n'est malheureusement pas compatible avec Firefox 57 Quantum.
  • Would give 5 stars, but stopped working for Hotmail. Once fixed will upgrade review
  • Ya no me sirve para Firefox 57
  • depuis le passage aux version, de très nombreux bug, plus moyen d'utiliser l’extension comme c'était le cas avec la 3.5...
  • Говорит "No new messages", хотя точно есть новое письмо.
  • Nothing is working