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  • ツールバーのX-notifierボタンからメールを開こうとすると毎回、文字認証画面が出て、入力してからログインすることになってしまいます。
  • I have two Gmail accounts, when click the non-defualt one to check inbox, Gmail asks for password every time. Is this something related to the new annoying Firefox, or the add-on itself. I remember the add-on was working perfectly before.
  • Excellente extension mais a perdu de l'intérêt depuis qu'il n'est plus possible de configurer simplement les IMAP.
    Pour cette raison j'ai chassé Firefox 57 Quantum de mon ordinateur et j'ai installé Firefox ESR afin de continuer à profiter de X-notifier reloaded qui n'est malheureusement pas compatible avec Firefox 57 Quantum.
  • Would give 5 stars, but stopped working for Hotmail. Once fixed will upgrade review
  • Ya no me sirve para Firefox 57
  • depuis le passage aux version, de très nombreux bug, plus moyen d'utiliser l’extension comme c'était le cas avec la 3.5...
  • Говорит "No new messages", хотя точно есть новое письмо.
  • Nothing is working
  • For a while this add-on quit working for me, but after trying it out again since it's been updated, it works flawlessly for checking multiple Gmail accounts. Absolutely no problems here.
  • Awesome notifier. Everything works as intended. My GMail, Yahoo and IMAP works perfectly. Thank you for this add-on.
  • It works fine if do not use the Firefox sync, but it does not work if turn on the Firefox sync in FF56 & FF57b10 (64 bit).
    Once it does not work, it does not work even if turn off the Firefox sync.
  • x-notifier 4.1.4 doesn't work well. It show if there are new emails, but clicking on "Open" it don't access / not open yahoo e-mail (but it only open login page of Yahoo to insert name and password). In this way it is useless :)
    Mario (I)
  • 4.1.4 fixed the Hotmail issue for me as far as I can determine now, Thanks!
    Works fine with Gmail and Yahoo as well on my FF ESR 52.3.
    Dang Mozilla developers keep breaking extensions every 6 weeks and I'll have none of that. If you have problems with your extensions (including this one) roll back to an ESR version such as 52 and don't let it auto update until long past the ESR expiration date and even then be careful, Mozilla probably has broken everything very badly by then. If possible use an alternate Mozilla based browser that uses the older base, if your extensions work on it. I had to give up SeaMonkey finally because of some update on it and none of my extensions, and half the things I expected on it worked! (This was a couple years ago now.)
    Don't know why they don't make sure ALL extensions work from just one version to the next when they get another version (Chrome seems to work fine no matter the version, and FF has become more and more like Chrome since the stupid rapid update process EXCEPT for this.) At the very least Mozilla could re-write ALL the extensions to work with the new version, instead of depending on the developers of the extensions to do it, and not change versions until they do, say every three to four years.
  • Perfect
  • X notifier is still worrking with these accounts ?

    If so... how?

    I'm talking about X notifier 4.1.4
  • Don't check the emails.
  • Does not work. 4 months tried to run this nonsense :(((
    In the furnace it's an application.