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  • Since the last update the pluggin is the same as in Chrome which is not efficient and useless. I used Firefox only to check my emails using this pluggin, now I will remove both Firefox and this useless pluggin
  • I used this extension to notify me of new email from an imap account. One day it just stopped working. If turns out the extension updated and removed that functionality with no notice. I had to re-install the old version and disable updated to get v3 back. This was the only extension I could find that supported imap. I'm very sad to know that this is no longer supported.
  • every time i install it all my data is erased, this version is a disaster, i am now using an older version until they update this mess!
  • After few year using this, i'm very happy and never have any problem... but now after update, all my account data is gone... I start to re-enter all information again and test do start clean history. BOOM... happen again, all is gone.

    so sad to say goodbye, plz fix it...
  • Hi there i have uninstall the version 4 and install the version 3 but after a day when i start my pc, i see that it have install the version 4 again,this is very annoying,because the version 4 is a piece of crap.
  • V.3.5.23 of this plugin is great, however, Mozilla have screwed it by removing functionality that is required to keep it as great as it is.

    As a result, we end up with a s**tty Chrome standard plugin that doesn't even work for me at the moment; none of my accounts work, they don't fetch mail and just show up in red even after having to readd them to the v4 of the program, at all (and I had six of them to readd.)

    Chrome extensions are the lowest common denominator when it comes to plug ins and so are not what Mozilla should be aiming for and they should not be forcing their loyal plugin developers to remove useful functionality from their plugins just because they can't be ar*ed to develop a proper solution to allow the plugin to work as it did (functionally.)

    As you can see, I don't fault Byungwook here, I fault the lazy f**ktard developers and/or pathetic leadership at Mozilla.
    However, I have to rate the plugin how it is now at v4 and so I've had to rate it at 2* rather than 4* that v3.5.23 would receive.
  • I've just upgraded from Firefox v43.0.1 to v50.1.0. The loss of this irreplaceable extension—the best of its kind—hurts my heart. That said, the endless changes to Firefox have broken so many great extensions, I don't blame any developer for giving up on Firefox. I would too.

    The good news is that there's a version of X-notifier for Chrome that works beautifully. I dislike Chrome, but have installed it for the sake of X-notifier.

    To the developer, many thanks!
  • At first, I don't liked the new (Web) interface.
    But then, I saw that there are no problems (apart from the need to re-import all of my accounts).
    So finally, I'm OK with it.
    I always use the latest Windows 10 (64-bit) & Firefox versions...
  • Yahoo mail and Hotmail not working, saved login passwords resets every update. New update now very buggy and ugly. Not recommended as it gives me headache trying to set and save this shit every update. This developer just lost my support as he/she does not seem to care.
  • Now it don't work at all like it done for years, so look for someone else this isn't working anymore, hope to get the old one back, this isn't working, not worth to support
  • I have used for years Xnotifier, but this latest version does not work. Provide please.
  • Not quite sure why but version 4.0.2 no longer will work with Yahoo Mail. It will log in and knows its there but does not tell me when I have new emails anymore.
  • I used the older versions for a long time, Was very happy with it,k Did exactly what I wanted. This new version is trash, I had to delete it and go to other not as good as the old version products... Any way to go back to say October 2016 version and Lock it there (not update).
  • I prefered the old interface, with scroll wheel to update, and loading animation. Clicking to open all emails with messages was the key.
  • Je te remercie sincèrement, ça marche nickel !
  • Remet la version 3.5.23 et tu récupères tout..cela fonctionne très bien,sauf que tu devras la réinstaller tous le 4 ou 5 jours..!
    Désactive la mise à jour dans"plus"..
  • Hello,

    With every upgrade of FF X-notifier loses it config (accounts). There needs to be a auto-backup feature of the setting and accounts. A great 5-star app start losing it's star. I know due to Mozilla changes to FF :-(
  • The new 4.0 just doesn't work with the updated Firefox. I installed the older version with 50.1.0 it working so far. I have also made sure that it won't update either options via add-on page. I disagree with developer that its scripts. The 3.5.23 has scripts too.
  • install 3.5.23. then goto preferences and check update off.

    4.X is cancer and will drive you nuts.
  • That's all. This was one of my favorite add-ons before the most recent update.
  • I've been using this addon for years now. With the exception of some updates wiping the logins, I was perfectly happy with it. However, as of the latest major update, I must shave off some stars.

    I would please ask you to revert the controls back to the previous version, or in the very least add an option to continue using them. I very much preferred clicking the icon to open all my accounts which had unread emails, using middle-click to quickly scan and right click for options. Now i have to left click and navigate the context menu to do all three and I do not like it.
  • Please, bring back the right click menu. I rolled back to version 3.5.23 in the meantime. Thanks for this great addon.
  • If like me you use x-notifier to keep all your email sign-ins in one place you were mortified to find that updating to ver 4 resulted in all your sign ins gone. All is not lost. Reinstall version 3.5.23 from


    and then your logins all reappear. Export them from options, and then you can import them to the latest version. I wish this had been better handled, but x-notifier is so critical I am giving another 5 star review.

    Now is the time to send some love in the form of a contribution to the author. He deals with major crap so we don't have to.... This was our turn...
  • X-Notifier won't check for Yahoo Mail.
  • This rating is for the Nov 2016 release. The prior release is 5 stars.

    I don't like the new version because:
    1. Mutliple hotmail accounts are broken. They take one to the Microsoft log in page. Pain. (Checked both in Chrome and in Firefox). I have two. So, one is greyed out and the other is displayed in red. The one I used last (through manual log in) gets greyed out and the other becomes red. Still, logging in is required for both.

    2. The right click was removed with all its nice behavior. The new look is clunky and requires getting used to it.

    Version 3 rocks. Version 4 is... ehhh... unusable.

    Had to downgrade to version 3 to get 5 star performance.

    If usability is restored, I will change the rating.

    For my environment, it is not about Firefox since version 3 works fine in the latest Firefox.