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  • 크롬에서 못보던일인데 파폭에서는 리스트가 자꾸 안보임. 복권인가 자꾸 마우스로 긁어줘야 나오니 재미는.. 개뿔. 개귀찮아~
  • "Access your data for all web sites" not giving you my passwords, sorry
  • awesome
  • Excellent addon. Thanks.
  • Just updated 2/21/19. ??? To do WHAT? Still DOES. NOT. WORK. Author needs to get a new line of work, since this thing won't.

    DOES. NOT. WORK. Author refuses to respond to ANYTHING, ANYWHERE! Forum sign-up is screwed up so badly it won't work either. I'd give zero stars if I could! (Sad part is that it worked GREAT just a week ago!)
  • Got an Update this morning (03/02/2019) and something is wrong !! It count also "social media" but i checked "inbox only" !!! whyyyyy ???? got more than 100 unread email !! please fix it !!!
  • x-notifier isn't working for 2 or more accounts
  • Since MS forced the new interface the extension can't manage to access Outlook.com anymore.
    Can you please check? Thanks and keep up the good work.
  • It will only work if you "Always" "Accept third-party cookies and site data". Choosing "From visited" will block gmail but still allow Hotmail and Yahoo Mail.
    No help on the website for this, I figured it out by trial and error. Spent months without X-notifier thus 3 stars.
  • Très bonne appli mais ne fonctionne plus sur Outlook depuis aujourd'hui