I recently found out that my Xmarks has not been updating/syncing like it should. My last successful sync was on August 31st, 2014 (today is February 24th, 2015.) I went to the Xmarks website and opened a support ticket and copy/pasted the log file inside the support ticket as well (found under the Advanced tab in the Xmarks control panel.) I received a quick reply the next day from Chantie and was offered a solution that actually worked perfectly! I was told one of the bookmarks I had was conflicting with the Xmarks sync and I was told to remove it from both my Firefox bookmarks and from my Xmarks bookmarks list. Then in Firefox, go to Add-ons under Tools and find the Xmarks extension. Click Options and the control panel for Xmarks appears. Now go over to the top right and click Advanced. Under Advanced, see Manual Overwrite and click Upload to 'Force overwrite of server data.' After this was done, Xmarks went through the sync process and now all my bookmarks are restored (some were missing and out of order BEFORE August 31st as well) and synced up-to-date. I hope this helps some of you experiencing problems with this extension.

Not Working Firefox x64 Ohodnoceno 2 z 5 hvězdiček

Xmarks does not work properly on Firefox Dev (Aurora) 64-bit, which soon moves to beta.

I attempt to uncheck automatic sync but as soon as I close the window it goes back to automatic sync. I lost half my bookmarks as a result.

too bad. and that's a long time. Ohodnoceno 1 z 5 hvězdiček

It is a useful supplement. But last more than a year does not synch always firefox freezes and bugs. Perhaps even live to functional upgrade to Firefox ... :(

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Please submit a ticket to Xmarks Support and attach a debug log so they can review it. Here is how to find the log on your machine:

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Là aussi un extension indispensable. Bravo !

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since that the firefox updatest to 33.xx x marks delete the marks and never can restore them. Why???

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I used to like it, since Firefox bookmark sync was broken, but now Xmarks isn't working either. Since 23.Jan it stopped syncing. If you write a data sync program, at least get the data safety right!

Broken by design Ohodnoceno 1 z 5 hvězdiček

Been a paying user for years, since when it works it's quite usefull. The problem is that it constantly fuck things up and stops working. Don't know how many times I've had to replace my local bookmarks with the ones on the server or the other way around because it won't sync. And yes, all kind of native synchronisation are turned off in the web browsers. That's the first thing I do when I install a new browser but this PoS still tell me to check Chromes sync anyway. The problem is not at my end, it's at your end. And has been for years.

Now it won't sync at all, and hasn't done for weeks. So, uninstall this crap and let the built-in sync do the task. I will of course have to do the cross-browser sync manually, but since it never really works anyway it won't be that much of a difference.

Avoid at all cost until they get it to work.

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Barely worth using. Ohodnoceno 2 z 5 hvězdiček

Automatic sync deletes some bookmarks and duplicates others. It's terribly inconsistent and should only be used manually on the occasion you need to migrate info from one browser to another.

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A while ago this extension was working perfectly, but now it crashed and hung my browser.

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I've used Xmarks/foxmarks for over 8 years and it has yet to let me down.
Updates to the web ui have really slowed since the Lastpass purchase, which is a shame.
I prefer Xmarks' (depreciated?) password sync over lastpass since it uses the built in password manager.
The ability to roll back to previous passwords have saved me a lot of grief in the past.

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Always corrupting my bookmarks - miserable app Ohodnoceno 1 z 5 hvězdiček

This is the most annoying app ever. It happened once, twice and it is always happening now!

I have it configured in two computers with Firefox / Chrome and it simply messes up everything. It deletes bookmarks randomly from time to time. A very disappointing app which should be more than fixed considering the time it has been around.

Doesn't work at all. Ohodnoceno 1 z 5 hvězdiček

On FireFox it prompted me to log in, I entered my credentials, it said error/incorrect (they were correct, I just logged in on the chrome version). Then I tried to sync anyway and it crashed and hung my browser. Fail. Also the popups that this addon causes are very intrusive/ugly/dodgy/unprofessional.

C'est simplement PARFAIT Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Je voulais un outil pour synchroniser mes Bookmarks entre Firefox et Chrome sur mon PC et aussi sur Tablette et Smartphone... Trouvé, c'est l'outil idéal avec le Plugin XMARKS sous FireFox et Chrome (et la syncho Sync de Firefox) mes bookmarks sont synchro sur mes appareils.
A utiliser sans modération 20/20

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Xmarks has been my one of the mostly used add-ons but it starts failing to sync automatically for few days. I tried to logout and back on but didn't help. I can't even access their homepage. My firefox version is 34.0.5. I tried uninstalling and installing but didn't help either. Is there anybody having this problem?

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Doesn't work.

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Creates lots of empty folders.

I am so DONE With This Lousy Extension! Ohodnoceno 1 z 5 hvězdiček

I've tried NUMEROUS times to love this extension but it never fails to screw things up miserably. Bookmarks disappearing my biggest complaint; they just vanish for whatever reason. They're gone today from the Server and of course they're gone from my computer. Fortunately I *knew* this would happen and, sure enough, it did. Fortunately I've been down this road so many times before I've got all my bookmarks saved to my hard drive. I am so DONE with this crap extension and I mean for good this time. If I could rate it less than one-star I would.

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Pop up after every restart is very annoying! Should be fixed immidiately. It should work in back ground.

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Has been working fine for me.
I especially like the feature where you can manually overwrite either the local data or the server data.

Has suked for over 2 years Ohodnoceno 1 z 5 hvězdiček

Used to be a great app ---- now 10 years of book marks are useless because it refuses for synch for over 2 years over a handful of different platforms....