Read their privacy policy first before installing this addon! Ohodnoceno 1 z 5 hvězdiček

" Use of Information


By using the Xmarks browser add-on you give Xmarks permission to use bookmark information anonymously and in aggregate to power our discovery service. If after trying our product you do not want your bookmarks added to the collective wisdom of our bookmark corpus, you can easily uninstall the Xmarks browser add-on and delete your account by visiting, logging in, and clicking My Account. "

How can such an important statement not to be put at the top front of the addon page?

Are you simply expecting the users to accept your terms by simply installing the addon w/o having a look on your privacy policy?

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (3.0.2). 

Hi WhoeverIam3000, you have a good point: be more clear about how people's data will be used at some point during the installation/setup phase. We will figure out how best to add this to the initial user experience.

That said, I'd like to make clear that by not showing this at the top of the page, we're not doing anything sinister. In fact, many popular services like Amazon, Netflix and Google do not clearly state how they plan on using your data at the top of the page either.

For instance, Amazon uses your purchase history anonymously and in aggregate to recommend products, just as Xmarks does to recommend websites. Netflix uses your movie watching history as well as your movie ratings to recommend movies. Google records every search query and associates it with your username if you're logged in at the time.

In each case, these services clearly state their intentions in their privacy policies, but do not have these messages at the very top of every page or when you start using them. The reason is not because they are malicious or doing something bad with your data. The reason is that these algorithms do in fact use data anonymously and in aggregate, and that the end result is a better experience for all users. Furthermore, if you are deeply concerned about privacy, you can easily look it up for any of these services before you begin using them.

All that said, we are keen to do the right thing and if that means being more clear about how people's data will be used at some point during the installation/setup phase, we'll figure out how to add it in.

Btw, I'm not aware of a mechanism to opt-out of having Amazon or Netflix use my purchase history or movie watching history. However, you can opt-out of having your bookmarks aggregated at Xmarks by visiting and clicking on "Change Bookmark Contribution".