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Proč byl Wolfram Alpha Google vytvořen?

I've used Googlepedia before and loved the idea that you could fill up the empty space on Google with useful information from Wikipedia. When Wolfram Alpha came out I thought the visual design and the alternative view of data that Wolfram Alpha gives you would be a perfect match with Google. I think the two results often complement each other and when there is no result from Wolfram Alpha you don't get the annoying no results page.

Co je dalšího u Wolfram Alpha Google plánováno

Google likes to change their layout from time to time so keeping the addon up to date is the first priority.
People have also requested to have different layouts (navigation box on the left, results on the left, no status bar icon) so I'd like to include some of these as options.
In the long run I'd like to make it more general purpose so that you can choose any search engine to appear on the right. Ideally, it would be multiple addons (one for each search engine) that work together (similar to how I got Googlepedia to work with this addon) so that anyone can take the base code and make their own search engine mashup.

O vývojáři

Informace o vývojáři
Jméno Sekizaru
Umístění Kamakura, Japan
Zaměstnání Search Engine Marketer/Addon Developer
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Zaregistrován(a) od January 16, 2008
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Kdo je Sekizaru?

My real name is Richard and I'm originally from Australia but now living in Kamakura, Japan (close to Tokyo). I'm interested in search and search engine marketing so both my addons are related to that. I love hearing feedback so please send me an email at the address to the left.