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Proč byl WikipediaPlus vytvořen?

Wikipedia is great, but on certain issues it falls very short of the mark and I want other opinions. So for some topics I regularly used to crosscheck other sites. Then I thought, what if I could make an add-in that did the cross checking for me? So the idea of Wikipedia+ was born.

Co je dalšího u WikipediaPlus plánováno

Which sites do you add to Wikipedia+?

I'm sure there are some great websites out there that I've missed. If you let me know I could add them to the next version, or perhaps make an auto-update feature so you could choose it to automatically update new sites to suggest. The sign-in might one day be something like AdBlockPlus, where you choose which set of data to preload the software with on start-up.

O vývojáři

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Jméno Robin Upton
Umístění Bangladesh
Zaměstnání Permaculture
Domovská stránka
Zaregistrován(a) od April 5, 2013
Počet vyvíjených doplňků 1 doplněk
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Kdo je Robin Upton?

I got started with extention development in 2011 with Wikipedia+. After a couple of years of gradually tinkering with this and smoothing off rough patches in the code, I decided to submit it to the Mozilla site for a wider audience.

I'm now looking at making a thunderbird plug-in to facilitate an Email based internet gift economy.