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I wanted to add Wikipedia to my list of search engines in Firefox, so I did a search for "wikipedia search" here at, and surprisingly this add-on did not show up amongst the first results. Hard to find. Other than that, nice add-on.

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Excellent !
I used since years and on those memorable days, Firefox had not so many adds (only a few hundreds) and it was not so difficult to find.
And always forget to express my gratitude to the developer :-) Many Thanks !
In French we have an expression : mieux vaut tard que jamais (better late than never :-)
However, as great as is this add, I can understand anyone begging you to rename it...
Firefox is now a diplodocus in size, and so are the adds in numbers.
Guess to find this one among the others is almost worst than to look for a needle in a haystack XD
Best regards :-)

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Excellent - much much better than the Dutch Wikipedia - but very hard to find.... Could it be renamed to Wikipedia (en) or something like that?

Difficult to find – rename it to Wikipedia (en) Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček

I used to us add-on for several years. But installing it on a new mac I had to search for more than half an hour. Please rename it to "Wikipedia (en)" as this is the name where people would look for.

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I think it would be great (and polite) to rename this add-in to "Wikipedia (en)" like most every other language based wikipedia search add-in has done. Would also make it easier to find.

On my Danish system it turns up as Wikipedia (eng) which is great, but I always have trouble finding it when I make a new account / PC.

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I've been using Firefox for years - nothing else. But, when I try to download this search product, I get a message:

"Sorry, you need a Mozilla-based browser (such as Firefox) to install a search plugin."

What kid of thing is that?

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Please renew addin icon. In Mobile Firefox (Android) it looks terribly ugly due incredibly low resolution. Even Wiki/Ru addins has a better icon/resolution!

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You guy all say it's there on the site and you can just add it there.
Now guess what: accidentally I removed my default Wikipedia search then headed right to the main English Wikipedia page → it doesn't let you add a search! All other languages do, but right now, when I'm writing this — you can't get this search the normal "usual" way for some reason, maybe a bug or something.
So, thanks for useful addon!
Does exactly what it's intended to do.
My only minor complain is than it says "Wikipedia (Eng)" instead of usual "Wikipedia (en)"

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I put it in my "Apollo! Pack" collection since it is just a faster way to get to the pages really.

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To add wikipedia search in your language simply visit the wikipedia site of your choice in firefox, click on the drop down arrow in the firefox searchbox and choose the Add "Wikipedia(language)" option.

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may all file addson mozilla,video,image,music,for all file in mozilla

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Well, I like it. I use it often and I'm happy someone made it. I use it as often as the Google one and I hate writing all the time or

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Really great!

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idiotyzm do n-tej potegi
nie działa z niczym co jest wsparte projektem Mozilla
dno kompletne

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Typical example how one should not document extension. You can just open Wikipedia and add search engine.

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It does just what I needed: install the English version of the wikipedia Search engine. It doesn't come out-of-the-box on non-English versions of Firefox.

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for those who ask what this is for: It's a search engine. You can select the search engine for Firefox on the top right side of the browser.

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Do people just randomly click on stuff?
Use a friggin bookmark or add it to your search bar.

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What does this add-on do?? I suppose it is not at add-on containing the whole wikipedia, nor do I believe it is a link to the site, as we have the bookmark-toolbar for that thing.

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great job man

but i wanna aks u something

can you make Wikipedia for arabic language ???

if u can i'll thank you 4 ecer ^_^