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  • ¡Vaya que se parece a la App! Hasta ahora todo bien.
  • Por enquanto foi a melhor extenção do Instagram que já testei - Muito bôa!
  • Не открывается.
  • Very nice, works fine.
    But I can´t tag persons. Is there any way to make that possible?
  • I had used your app for quite some time with no problems at all from a linux box using Ubuntu 18.04 and either chrome or Firefox (mainly). Thanks for making my social media life so much easier by making a computer interface. Much appreciated :)
    The only additions I could suggest would be the ability to post albums and to edit headers after posting as often one has to add extra hash tags due to info from responders.

    I then advised a friend using a mac to try it. He had great fun for 2-3 days!! Then overnight on 26th to 27th Feb, here in Melbourne Australia, it stopped being useful for uploading to instagram as it wasn't possible to enter in the heading and hash tag information data which you add just before posting. I did google search and could find nothing about it but read that changing user-agent might allow one to do the same thing. So thought I would try that on my home computer before trying on my friends mac. This resulted in my version of the addon getting the same problem using your add-on either in Chrome or Firefox. I updated both just in case that might be the problem .. Still no workable solution!

    Any help you can give me solving this problem would be very much appreciated :):)

    Thanks very much :):)

    ps your email is not working

    5th March 2019. This app is now working again:):) Thanks for the help obviously given :):) Very much appreciated :):)
  • Not working. http://prntscr.com/mqwi6c
  • this extension doesnt permit to download photos and stories and in the description mention this option
  • Works OK, but apparently no carousel option (uploading multi pictures in a single post). It's a pity.
  • I'm still not comvinced by the add-on. Is there any way of switching between user profiles if I have different accounts?
  • It seems to crash due to an incompatibility with Facebook Container addon by mozilla.
  • Очень здорово, что есть приложение и для ПК, но если бы была кнопка" ответить" на комментарии, тогда бы вообще всё супер было.