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  • there's no BUTTON..
  • СУПЕР!!! Полноценный Instagram для настольной версии ПК. Спасибо!
  • la ayhgm gn
  • Alucinante, es muy bueno
  • Firefox/windows 7: afer selecting a picture to up load it then says at the bottom of the pic to rotate device to see the post button, thus making it bloody useless!!!
  • A pop up window launches and disappears...
  • Excelente, es instagram a full en la pc!!
  • Instagram is open in new single window, which on laptop I had to resize to see all Instragram's functions. I've added a picture, which could be normal size or croppped.
    Works great!

    Only could be upgraded for multiaccounts.
  • веб -инста просто чудо!!!! Спасибо огромное
  • Não funciona carregamento e postagem de vídeo.
  • very good addon. usefull. but please add "reply" function direct to people comment. like instagram for smartphone.
  • Sorry, it only shows Instagram - i can´t add a photo or something else, because it only says "rotate your device"
    Im not the only one with this problem - and can´t find any hint on it...
  • Изначально отображается некорректно - заголовок и нижняя часть окна выходят за пределы экрана. Дальше использовать пропадает желание.