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Some time back I must have installed and then subsequently uninstalled the Ant toolbar (I don't remember doing it). However, today I discovered a really disruptive feature about it that was left behind. The Ant toolbar modifies the UserAgent string to advertise itself in the process it also locks the Firefox version number in the UserAgent string to whatever the version number Firefox was on when the Ant bar was installed. For instance my Firefox was reporting itself as version 3.0.5 even though I had faithfully updated through all the 3.0.* versions to 3.0.12 and then to v3.5 and now am on v3.5.1. Furthermore when it was uninstalled, it did not reset the UserAgent string back to its default setting when it was uninstalled.

The problem with this is can come into play when on a site that checks the browser version to decide what to offer (e.g. this site deciding if a theme or extension is compatible).

The only reason the ant toolbar appends the useragent string is to promote itself. Surely this could be done without screwing up the Firefox version being reported and most certainly said 'flags' should be removed once this add-on is uninstalled.

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (1.3). 

Update coming soon

I ken,

A programmer mistakenly let this tags left in the user agent.
Next release is for this week, compatible 3.5, few bug fix, including the tag removal.