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  • Cool add-on!

    But I have a request.

    The toolbar button of this add-on is black. So if I enable the Dark theme of Firefox it is disappear. Please make the toolbar button to react the Firefox theme like many other add-ons.

    Thank you!
    The toolbar icon reacts to the theme.
    Maybe a problem with the theme you are using or the Firefox version you are using.
    Would be best if you open an Issue on GitHub and also include a screenshot and some information about your system.
  • Очень удобно, спасибо!
  • Sometimes it stops working - does not see the closed pages. Does not work until history is cleared
  • fast and simple to use. thank you!
  • Is it possible to add option to display the list of closed tabs with the left click?
    No. This is not possible as it is not possible to pop up the context menu on a left click.
  • I have encountered a little annoying bug. When I chose to reopen a specific tab, it will sometimes reopen another previous new window (pop up by various sites). Would you look into it? Anyway, thanks for your useful extension.
    This is this one: https://github.com/M-Reimer/undoclosetab/issues/19
  • Been using it since long time. I wish there was ability to bind a shortcut key. The native Ctrl+Shift+T is just inconvenient. Ctrl+Z would be much more intuitive and and easier to access.
    Ctrl + Z is already taken by Firefox itself. No way to bind this.
  • Simple but great addon, I wish I had found out about it before. The only thing missing is a keyboard shortcut
    Thanks for your review. The hotkey is actually built into Firefox itself: Ctrl + Shift + T
  • A replacement for the defunct download I used before
    What do you mean with "defunct download"?