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  • Finally they've updated it!!
  • Have always loved this extension but i need some love and attention. Hasn't been updated in over 2 years and it's starting to show. Icons for streams have stopped appearing and some other general bugginess.
  • - Language filter for streams is not working.
    - 'followed games' stopped working few days ago.
    - Should this app be really accessing my data for 'all web sites'? And 'all browser tabs'?
    - I really really hope I can change the order of the side icons and hide some of them, like 'Browse games' and 'Top streams' that I have absolutely no reason to click at all.
  • Can you, please, add option to make window bigger?..
  • While this is the best extension for Twitch, it suffers from neglect. No longer works with Firefox for the mac. Needs updating.
  • the best of the best twitch extensions, they use twitch API better than twitch to notify when the streamer is online, twitch shows only after 5minutes live, the twitch now really notify you NOW! ;D
  • Cute little extention, but only 4 stars because it does not work on macOS
  • Make text a bit brighter in dark mode
  • Latest version(s) (1.1.202 & 1.1.203) seems to have Mac OS compatibility issue : "This add-on is not available on your platform."

    No notes in changelog for OSX compatibility removal (unintended?)
  • Says it's not available on my platform? Not sure why this extension would do that it wouldn't work on Mac as well.