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It just converts Cyrillic symbol into Latin. No real translation is taking place.

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This works beautifully on my desktop. Lacking a support site, I add a question here. Why does this NOT work on my laptop? The command will not install on my laptop. Since this is my wife's (who HATES computers and blames moi for everything), the answer to this is of some importance to me. Please? The software is the same on both: Windows 7 64-bit; Firefox; etc...

TranslateWebpageAtGoogle should work on all computers, desktop or laptop. It should also work on Macs and Linux computers using the Firefox browser.

Things that may help are making sure you are using the latest version of Firefox on your computer. Click Help, then About Firefox, then the Check for Updates button. Update to Firefox 35.
Try removing then reinstalling TranslateWebpageAtGoogle may help too.

Also check if other addons you may have like NoScript for instance are not blocking access to websites like Google or Mozilla. See if those sites appear as Allowed in the NoScript Whitelist.
Another thing that may work is right clicking on the green Add To Firefox button and choosing Save Link As, this will let you download the XPI file:


You can then go to Tools, Addons and click the Cog Icon and choose Install Addon from File Option. Then highlight the XPI file and it should install.

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I'm supposed to click the link to generate translated page. I wish if just a click to redirect me to a page which will already have the translated page, not just the URL. Make it one step!

Update: Thanks a lot. Works great!


Thanks for you request. I am really busy and have not the time to update my addons regulary. However, when I do I will add your request as an option. Nevertheless, you can make it do what you want by simply changing the URL in the Options menu of the addon.

In Firefox go to Tools>Addons then click the Options button of this addon.

Then change the "Current Google Translation Language URL"


It should now translate directly to the page in one step.