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Verze 2.0.rev112 180.1 KB Podporuje Firefox 19.0 a novější

Updated to make sure of our fantastic new logo!

Verze 2.0.rev105 179.8 KB Podporuje Firefox 17.0 a novější

1) Hide install firefox header when on TrackIF.com.
2) Per AMO request, moved from innerHTML to textContent.
3) Stopped showing installation screen on update, enable. Only show on install.
4) Report extension version when toolbar button is clicked.

Verze 2.0.rev103 170.7 KB Podporuje Firefox 17.0 a novější

Moved more functionality within the application to improve performance and security, per the advice of the AMO editors.

Applied bugfix for erikvold's toolbarbutton.js (https://github.com/voldsoftware/toolbarbutton-jplib/issues/12) causing toolbar button position to not be retained on initial install. That's why button is added back on loadReason enable/upgrade, so that previous installers can actually realize that there's a button once they get this update.