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Fait son travail, parfait !

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As Americans we often take it for granted that we all have "unfettered" access to information that benefits the community at large. But do we really? And even if we did, what would someone living in someplace like Iran, North Korea or China reasonably be expected to gain access to the same information that you and I enjoy, that may be suppressed or could cost you your freedom if you did have access. This add-in if accurately described, helps build out the ability of people who live in countries where "Censorship" is the Norm and not the exception, including the USA. You are doing your little part, for Freedom Loving Peoples Everywhere.
For more information please visit https://www.torproject.org/ for more information on how you can help and also how to be more secure while online.

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Excellent idea in developing this addon. I hope many people will use this addon so that Tor users in oppressive regimes always have enough bridge addresses to use.

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Hi, thanks for this awesome tool to help circumventing censoship! One suggestion: It would be nice if there were an option that a popup window appears that asks whether I want to restart when the plugin fails.

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Thank you for your feedback! The next version will allow you to restart the proxy, should the button turn red. The extension is currently under review by Mozilla.

EDIT: As of Tor Flashproxy Badge 0.2.5 this possible.

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My apology, I found the button UI, it was on add-on bar, it always I maintain hidden, now I moved the button UI at side of URL bar

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I downloaded this extention and its supposedly in my browser but I do not see a green light as you mention in your description. Only thing i see is if i go to my extentions page it shows its installed. There isnt any options either . How to i set the options for this and why are I not seeing the green light you're talking about?

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Can you check the addons-bar? It's maybe at the bottom. If it is not you can right click in an empty area of the menu bar and turn it on there. You might also try to disable and enable the add-on again. Please let me know whether that worked.

Also I added a basic screenshot of how it should look. It's just a green orb, nothing fancy yet. If you hover over the orb or click on it it should tell you some information.

I hope that helped.

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Thank you for making this available for Firefox!

I guess it's enough to have this addon installed and enabled to have it work and one doesn't need to add the badge to the UI?

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With version 0.1.0 you do not need to add the badge to the UI anymore.

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This add-on can only be successful if there is trust and confidence. Add a link to the Tor network and to biographical information of Christian Sturm. Present us with reviews in well-known newspapers or websites.
Secondly, the screen button should be less voluminous. Highly recommended!

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