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Proč byl Tor Flashproxy Badge vytvořen?

I really liked the idea of Cupcake for Chrome, which basically does the same.

Also I think most people would love to help out with buiding a bridge for censored people. Everyone loves the freedom that the internet brings. However not so many people know what or how to help. With the Tor Flashproxy Badge I want to create an extension that you can install and forget about, knowing you have done something good. The Tor Flashproxy Badge doesn't care about your technical skills or how much time you have. You install it and you are set and that's exactly why I created it.

Co je dalšího u Tor Flashproxy Badge plánováno

I hope I can find a way to make it prettier. Maybe I could also display the number of useres we already helped.

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Jméno Christian Sturm
Umístění Wien
Zaměstnání Developer
Zaregistrován(a) od April 25, 2011
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