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  • An near-perfect add-on, with unrivalled possibilities for customisation. My congratulations to the developer for having created what is, in effect, a work of art. In addition, since I moved from Firefox to Waterfox over a year ago, I will be able to use this version for the foreseeable future.
  • Thank you for this great addon. I didnt and dont plan to upgrade to ff 57 for some time and it is great in firefox 56. Thank you. I will ask you something, I also converted it to seamonkey using http://addonconverter.fotokraina.com/ it works just as fine however it rewrites all entries into normal right click menu, so other than tileview options all other entries (such as open in new page, save image ..etc, everything ) is gone. So i deleted, but if you can solve it and upload it for seamonkey, that would be nice. thank you
  • Please update this perfect addon!!! Without him, somehow quite sad(((
  • I can not move around in my tabs, it' terrible. I did not ask for this add on it just showed up after an update from Firefox. I liked it the way it was.

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    Not sure why a Firefox update would install an add-on that you have not requested.

    Unfortunately, a change in Firefox 55 caused a problem with Tile View 6.7, if the Firefox "When Firefox starts" option was set to "Show your windows and tabs from last time".

    This problem is fixed in Tile View 6.8.
  • Could you pls pls enhance this addon so it will be possible to also do synchronized scrolling of tabs with pdf-content :-).
    I use this excellent extension for years now and it still does exactly what I need it for. More and more I need to compare the formatting of translated pdf-documents. This does not work with Tile View (neither it does with Tile Tabs).
  • It would be perfect if there was a key shortcut to cycle through tiles. Since I'm using vimperator is a bit annoying to have to reach the mouse just to switch the panel. Is there a way to switch panels with just the keyboard?

    If the source code is available somewhere I wouldn't mind trying to add this functionality myself.

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    This feature is not available in Tile View, but is available in Tile Tabs, which is a powerful version of Tile View. Tile Tabs can be configured so that the tab selection works in the same way as Tile View, although by default it works differently. Tile Tabs has keyboard shortcuts to activate the adjacent tiles (in effect, to navigate between tiles). By default the shortcuts are Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down/Left/Right, and the modifiers keys are configurable.
  • It was the other one that caused problems with e10.
  • First of all thank you for your work! God bless you!
    My proposition is to add functionality of locking selected webpage in one tab.
    Why? For example I use page in left tab as table of contents (page #1) to open its pages and look them in right tab. But mistakenly I choose this page #1 when right tab is active - so all is going wrong, this page#1 goes right and another one is going left where "table of contents" must be. They just change its places, that makes me upset every time ). Please make that it'll be possible to lock one tab with one webpage!

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    This feature is not available in Tile View, but is available in the more fully functional companion add-on Tile Tabs.
  • This is perfect! What a great productivity boost. Works exactly as advertised. Thanks!
  • I had to remove "Tile Tabs" a couple of days ago, and luckily there was "Title Views". But todas 19. Apr this one broke as well. No matter which tab i click, I always see the same webpage...

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    Please can you provide more information:
    -- which operating system are you using?
    -- which version of Firefox are you using?

    Please e-mail this information to: dw-dev@gmx.com
  • I like the simple split view in two columns. But mostly accidently I change the url in the wrong window. Is it possible to offer an option to activate the address bar for each window?

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    Having a single address bar and a single set of controls for all of the tiled tabs is a key feature of Tile View that makes it unique in comparison to other "split browser" add-ons available for Firefox and other browsers. This saves a significant amount of screen space, as well as providing the convenience of a single point of control.

    The option you have requested would not really fit with the overall design of Tile View.
  • I just want to push the tile button and have current tab split the screen with the tab immediately to the right. (Or immediately to the left if there is no tab to the right.)

    And it works! Push the button = current tab and tab next to it share the screen in beautiful harmony. No annoying configuration (like with the horrendously complicated Tile Tab extension). I'm not asking for much: just split the screen with the current tab and the tab to its right. And that is exactly what this extension provides.

    I guess there's a bunch of configuration options if you really want to go there, but the default setting does exactly what I want -- finally! Thank you!
  • I like the way this addon making my 16:9 screen more useful without starting two firefoxes
  • When I read about Tile View, I was eager to replace the obese Tile Tabs with it.

    Unfortunately it lacks the good parts of Tile Tabs.

    Tile View doesn't provide the ability to double click on the current tab for making two vertical tiles with the next one.

    Or dragging a tab with shift around does nothing. Only showing "Invalid".

    Hopefully this got implemented and fixed soon, because for me Tile View isn't worth for use in this state.

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    Both of the features you mentioned (and others) have been added in Version 5.0.

    The new features in Version 5.0 are:
    - Double-clicking any tab creates a default layout.
    - Shift+Dragging a tab or link now creates a layout if there is no existing layout.
    - Add Tile menu command now creates a layout if there is no existing layout.
    - F1 function key shortcut now creates a layout if there is no existing layout..
  • One more life change add-on. Excellent work! xmonad on linux, firefox+vimperator... and now +'Tile View'! I'm really happy! thx
  • would be fine, when it would work with my browser

    in reply to the dev (thanks for your effort): sorry no; still all tabs show the same content of the at most right tab - I'm using Linux

    Edit: I see Linux is still V 3.4 - ok I wait :-)

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    Tile View 3.5 will work with Pale Moon 25.

    However, some of the mouse shortcuts did not work. This has been fixed in Tile View 4.2.

    Note, with Pale Moon, the "Disable F12 shortcut for Firefox Developer Tools" option will have no effect.
  • Light and useful.
    A great return!
  • Именно то, что было мне нужно - без многочисленных функций и настроек. Всё работает. Спасибо разработчику!
  • I searched add-ons in hopes of finding a "split view". Tile View was the first one I came across and it works great. Also has lots of options for customizability.

    However, one feature I wish it had is the ability to "lock" a tab to one of the tiles. I have a single website/tab (workflowy.com which I highly recommend) that I always want open in a particular tile. If I happen to click on one of the open tabs while that tile is active, that tile shows the tab I clicked on. I would rather "lock" that tile so that when I click a different tab, it opens in one of the "not locked" tiles, even if they weren't the active tile. I request this because I have a "main tile" that I primarily use for browsing whereas my other tile(s) are more like "apps".

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    Try using Tile Tabs instead of Tile View. Tile View is essentially a "lite" version of Tile Tabs. The design aim for Tile View is not to over complicate the functions and settings. Tile Tabs is much more powerful and can be configured to work in a similar way to Tile View. Tile Tabs has the ability to lock a tab in a tile, by clicking on the tab lock button in the tile's properties popup. To show the properties popup, either use the Show Properties menu command or press F1.

    To make tab selection in Tile Tabs work the same way as in Tile View, you need to enable the following options in the ‘Tabs’ tab of the ‘Tile Tabs Options’ dialog:

    - Assign tab to active tile when untiled tab selected
    - Assign tab to active tile when tiled tab selected
    - Assign another tab when tiled tab closed
  • I love this extension. A bit tricky to use the first time (where is the tutorial video?) but once you get the idea it's really very efficient.
    An annoying thing was that I could not write correctly in the different text boxes or in the address bar of the tiles: each time I tried, the focus of the text box was lost. I realised it was because my mouse cursor was not anymore over the tile I wanted to use. And the focus is linked to the mouse. Therefore when the mouse moves the tile is not active anymore and you can't enter the text.
    I finally figured it out.In the Option there is "Show Activate button when mouse over inactive tile" which was selected. Unselect it and the tile focus stays where it is, and is not dependent of the mouse cursor position. I'd suggest to rename this option with something like " activate the tile focus with mouse-over" and add a new option to "display Activate button on the active tile"
    Once again, great extension, congrats !

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    This problem was actually a bug in Tile View version 3.2. Enabling the "Show Activate button when mouse over inactive tile" option should not have taken the focus away from the active tile when the mouse was moved over an inactive tile. This has been fixed in Tile View version 3.3, which has been submitted to Mozilla for review prior to public release in a few days time.
  • Developer referred me from his Tile Tabs, to this, his "simpler" version. I'm sure it is simpler but it's still not simple enough to be able to just install, find a hotkey, and use.
    I couldn't figure out how to simply tile my tabs. [I'm from a stupid planet. :) ]

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    The simplest way to create a tiled layout is by clicking on the Tile View button icon.

    There are also simple hotkeys to create and show the tiled layout:
    - Use F12 to create a new tiled layout. Use F12 again to close the tiled layout.
    - Use F9 to toggle between the tiled view and the normal browser view.

    The Getting Started section of the homepage documentation has been clarified on these points.
  • I was using the Tile Tabs, but I decided to use the Tile View
    Because I only want to split into two F12, who Tile View is easy to use
    Thanks for update
  • I like this add-on. Will you be updating for Firefox 8.x. which I have installed?

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    Most users of Tile View have migrated to Tile Tabs.

    But there are still a significant number of users of Tile View.

    Who would like Tile View updated to Firefox 27?
  • Ahhh exactly what I was looking for! My biggest complaint is that it gets very complicated with "New Tab" stuff when I want to stop using it. I feel like when I deselect the Tile View button in the toolbar, it should have the effect of the "Close Layout" option of the dropdown menu. Wonderful addon though! Thanks!
  • This add-on is very nice, but I cannot find the way to display a page in multiple tiles.
    When I click a tab which is already in another tile, a blank tab is displayed or page arrangement is corrupted.