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1. open in "next/prev tile" cannot open the link outside of vertical/horizontal sublayout (see my previous review for details for better understanding).
2. extension interfere with Pano extension (thumbnails are broken). Pano's function is broken, so it's tile tab bug.
Please fix these and not ignore.

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (10.0.1-signed). 

Opera follower tab and Pano conflict

As mentioned in the reply to your previous review, Tile Tabs already has 'Open In Next Tile' and 'Open In Prev Tile' shortcuts, which are similar (but not identical) to Opera's follower tab feature. These shortcuts work as intended and there are currently no plans to replicate Opera's follower tab feature, unless there are more requests from users.

Unfortunately, the previous reply did not address the conflict with the Pano add-on, which results from the way that Tile Tabs is implemented. Despite further investigation, no way has been found of avoiding this conflict without some modifications to the Pano add-on.

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Please add "Follower tab" feature, e.g. when you click the link in one tab it will open in other existing "follower" tile. Very useful for fast split-screen browsing. This feature is already in Opera 12 (it has MDI interface).
UPD. I know about 'Open In Next Tile' shortcut, it's buggy. When I create 3-tile layout (1-big-right plus 2-little-vertical-left tiles), and when I click links in one of these little left tiles (no matter "prev" or "next" shortcut) links are NEVER opens in big right tile. Also, after restart (with session restore) these shortcuts stop working, until you create new layout. At least, bug fix needed.
UPD2. Tile Tabs strangely interfere with "Pano" thumbnail popups (they're shows only for an active tab). If you can please fix it.

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (9.2.1-signed). 

Similar feature already exists

Tile Tabs already has a similar feature to Opera's follower tab. Use the 'Open In Next Tile' shortcut, which can be configured to be just Middle-click on link.