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This is a great extension! Especially for searches: Have the search tab in the upper tile, and open the search results in the lower tile.

However, I have one wish for improvement:

I'm using Tree Style Tabs, where if I use middle-click to open a new tab, the new tab is set as at a child tab to the one I've opened it on. It would be nice if this would also work for opening in another tile (Ctrl + Middle click). Currently they open as top-level tabs, and I have to move them to the correct level in the tree manually.

The same is true for the "tile link in new tab" functions (or however it is called in the English interface, in the German localization, it's the links in the submenu "Link in neuem Tab kacheln"; it's the functions which create a new tile and open the link in a new tab shown in that new tile). On the other hand, for the functions creating a new (empty) tab in the new tile, the current behaviour is exactly right.

Possibly this behaviour should be an option, because I can imagine others to consider tabs in different tiles to be independent of each other, even if they were created from a link in the other tile.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just install Tree Style Tabs (possibly on a test profile) and then middle click on a link. Also, add a new tab with Ctrl+T. Currently "Ctrl+Middle click tabs" in Tile Tabs look like "Ctrl-T tabs", not like "Middle-click tabs". I'd like them to look like "Middle click tabs".

Note that I have no idea if this would be hard to implement. It's only a minor issue, so it would only make sense to implement it if it is not too hard to do. The extension is already great as is.

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (10.1.1-signed).